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Five beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has four photos in her hands. The first name that she calls, representing the girl with the best photo of the week, is Kayla. Yay! Chelsey is called next, followed by Ann. This leaves Chris and Jane in the bottom two. Chris started off as the girl with an effervescent personality who also took some good-ass photos. But the judges are feeling that she's less invested. Jane takes stronger photos than Chris, but has an issue of personality that's now affecting her photos. So who stays? Jane does. Her name was called because the judges saw some passion today, and the crack of a real, true person. Heh. Heh heh. And, Tyra continues, "All we see is a crack. And a crack is not going to take you to the next week, and the next week of this competition." Not even a plumber's crack, which is usually a crack full of personality.

Tyra hugs Chris and tells her that Kyle thinks her market is more commercial. Additionally, ALT thinks she deserves her own comedy show. Tyra suggests that Chris gets her butt into some acting classes ASAP, which I think is good advice. Chris interviews that she's going to go home and continue to model, act and sing. She wants to do it all, and is overwhelmed that she has even had an opportunity to be there. She doesn't know exactly how she's going to get a sitcom, but she assures us that this isn't the end for her. She's going to continue to go in any direction that she can. While it's clear that this was her time to go, I have to say that I'll really miss Chris's often hilarious interviews. I hope the right sassy sidekick role finds her eventually.

Next week: The girls meet the editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue, and Tyra makes her directorial debut!

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