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Tyra tells the girls that Top Model is a competition designed to mold the girls to go into the real world, to go to go-sees, to book jobs. Just suspend your disbelief for a minute. If they're not seen, she says, they're not booked. Kyle agrees, and says that not showing up to casting is like not showing up to work. It's critical that they make it. In that case, I wonder why they put so much effort into placing the girls in situations where they likely are NOT going to make it? I guess it's just so Tyra can deliver this lecture.

The judges deliberate. Kayla came to set, and it was all smoke and mirrors. She wasn't into the guy, but brought movement and emotion, and it worked. ALT thinks it's one of the best things they've ever seen of Kayla. Tyra asks about Kayla's potential as a model, and potential markets where she might work. He thinks that she has an international look, and that the statue photo alone says a lot. Ann has a fantastic photograph, but Nigel thinks that she fails in bringing an engaging personality to set. ALT thinks that Ann needs to go to some sort of school that teaches you how to convey a personality. Maybe TWoP should start one of those. Kyle thinks that Ann will be successful in high fashion, and he could see her doing Chanel or even Jean Paul Gaultier. Tyra asks if he could also see her doing commercial work, and Kyle says that she needs to become more confident in herself to bring the effervescence needed in commercial modeling.

Chelsey was very good on set, and had real chemistry with the male model. Nigel would re-book her. Kyle points out that this is very important. He adds that Chelsey has a lot of possibilities - the white blonde hair, and great bone structure. She could do anything. Tyra likes Chris's photo and connection with the male model. Kyle notes that Chris seems to have a big personality, but she didn't really complete the assignment, which was not simply to be a lady statue standing there. In terms of Chris's market, she's more commercial. ALT thinks that Chris is a big vat of bubbling bubbly deliciousness, and could be the next Wanda Sykes. But a high fashion model she is not. Jane is an attractive girl with great bone structure, but none of that adds up to someone you'd want to book again. Her tears were a promising sign of life, however. Kyle thinks that Jane needs a development process, and could have a great career if she comes out of her shell. Tyra asks if the few weeks left in the competition is enough time for her to give it together, and Kyle says that she'll probably need more time. The Potes Personality School has a twelve-week course that's still open! And with that, the judges have reached a decision.

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