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Previously on Top Model: The girls arrived in Italy and with a few exceptions rocked a syphilitic Casanova-themed shoot in million degree heat. They then complained about their adequate lodging, because with their wild level of success they deserve mansions. In the end, the judges felt that Liz had way too many complaints and too few goods. Five bitches remain!

The girls return back to their model apartment and Kayla is thrilled to see that they've cropped everyone else out of her best-of-week photo to display it as digital art. Chris reminds us that she was in the bottom two next week, and we see Tyra telling her that the competition is stiff, and what's taken her this far (her personality) may not take her to the next level. It's a real personality versus forehead showdown. Chris interviews that even though she doesn't want to go home, she's preparing herself in case it happens. There's no room for mistakes, and so she has to be amazing and stunning. For some reason, Chris theorizes to Kayla that the judges may get rid of two people this week. I guess that did happen last season. Chris actually hopes that they have a double elimination, though she does acknowledge that she should be careful what she wishes for since she might be one half of the double elimination equation. But honestly, it seems like she knows her days are numbered and just wants to get it over with. At this point, you can't blame a girl for being tired of the bullshit. She says, "Pick somebody, let's meet IMG, let's get signed to somebody, and let's all go home." You're telling me, sister. Kayla tells us that Chris doesn't want this like the other girls do, and that really it's just a way to get her face out there. That seems totally legit because, amusing as she is, Chris isn't so much a model. I think she and her sibling who was eliminated long ago were gunning to be cast in some sort of Sister, Sister remake. Perhaps Tyra will take the Jackee role!

Meanwhile, Jane talks to her mother who correctly guesses that the cast has gone to Italy. Jane interviews that she never thought she would be in the top five. Choosing to pursue modeling was a total break from what was expected of her. Jane always wanted to play lacrosse at Princeton, and so deciding to quit and go on a dumb reality show was a huge risk. But Jane seems to have the goods, so even though I don't think she's going to win this show she could probably make a living being a model for a while. That sounds much more fun than being at Princeton, even if she does have to suffer through the pains of a normal-sized apartment in Milan.

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