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Picture it: The Top Model limo, post-elimination. The girls give Lisa a hollow congratulations, and she reminds us that having the best photo one week means absolutely nothing for your safety in the next. The level of Lisa's hair insanity in her interview footage is something beyond verbal explanation. It's like if Star Jones's wig company decided to do a synthetic inspired by Shirley Temple. Just really, really frightening. Lisa points out to the others that the first two girls to be eliminated, Brittany and Sheena, had huge personalities. She thinks it's insane that they were the ones to go. Isis then tells us that while it's not safe for anybody, she has star quality that a lot of the others simply don't. That comes from her photos, her design background, and her struggles. This time around, she's here to win it. As opposed to last time, when she really did just seem to want to get out of there.

Back at the house, Allison tells Lisa that she feels more uncomfortable and nervous in the house this time around. Maybe her fuzzy bear hat is like a security blanket? Or a sensible friend amidst lunatics? While wearing said hat friend, Allison tells us that she knows she's strange and had strange interests and tendencies, and that it's always been hard for her to make friends. But she's so delightful! She adds that she has to get more comfortable with herself and get past certain things, otherwise she won't look natural. I didn't realize that looking natural was a plus on this show, but there you go. Allison tells us that even though she's lonely sometimes, she knows that she's smart and has a lot of energy, and this is a spectacular opportunity. Her hat friend agrees, and hugs her head tighter for comfort.

The next morning, the girls are getting ready when they hear an unfamiliar voice calling them in an Ann Shoket-esque, "Ladieeeeees!" They are all atwitter and try to build suspense by rolling into the new, insane credits without letting us know the identity of this guest. When we return from credits, then, it's a bit of a letdown to realize that their special guest is Kristin Cavallari, reality star/TV personality from Laguna Beach and The Hills, and recently Dancing with the Stars and My Fiancé Dumped Me, Maybe, Or Did He?. Having never watched Laguna Beach, I have no idea whether her appearance is actually cause for excitement. I guess, though, that adding a famewhore to famewhore summit couldn't hurt. Kristin asks how things are going, and Bianca says that her biggest thing about being back is that people have a certain perception of you, even though you've changed. You know, because Bianca's a lady now! Except for when she's holding that word on a card. Kristin understands, because she was apparently the bitch on Laguna Beach and had a lot of haters. What she's learned over the years is that no matter what you do, haters will be haters. You'll always have them. She adds that it's all about being true to who you are, because the audience can tell if you're full of it. Uncoincidentally, the camera lingers on Alexandria as the phrase "full of it" rolls off of Kristin's tongue.

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