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With that, the judges have reached a decision. Three beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has two photos in her hands. And those photos represent the girls who are the two finalists and will be walking in a fashion show for -- wait for it -- Forever 21. Remember that there was once such a thing as the high fashion season? Thank goodness ALT got out before he had to witness this. Sophie is called first, obviously. Laura and Annaliese step forward. One of them will be a finalist, and the other will go back to being a TV presenter in England. The judges love that Laura is different -- that she doesn't zig, but zags. But she was fired from a fashion show in Toronto because her walk sucks, which is a very bad thing. Furthermore, the judges are nervous that she is a one-trick sexy pony. When it's time to be young and soft and sweet, she gets lost. Then there's Annaliese. She started off as a catalog girl, but from week to week had some of the strongest photos in the bunch. Annaliese is not 5'9", but still managed to book three out of four fashion shows. However, the judges wonder if she's a real model or just has a fan-dabbey-dozy personality. So who stays? Yes, of course, it's Laura. For some reason people keep calling her a pirate. Tyra says that she's the whole package - she has modeling potential, and a personality that stands out. They are terrified about her runway walk, though, so she has some work to do.

Annaliese hugs Tyra, who acknowledges that she didn't think Annaliese had as much potential as she ultimately showed. But she has plenty of star quality, and Tyra wants her to go after it like crazy until her Dreams Come True. Annaliese then goes up and gives Kelly Cutrone a huge hug, while simultaneously covering up her own butt to avoid a crotch shot. She does seem like she'd be quite fun to be around. Annaliese tells us that she came into this competition as a presenter and commercial girl, and her journey has been extremely fan-dabbey-dozy. She's especially happy to leave with Kelly Cutrone finally liking her at least a little bit. She says that is one of the best prizes ever, which leads me to question her sanity. Her experience in this competition has made Annaliese realize that she can do more than she initially thought. She struts out, and we hear her song verse, and from now on it's all about the blondes.

Next week: Highlights show!

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