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Messes in a Bottle

Jay introduces photographer Jez Smith, who was also a judge on Australia's Next Top Model. He's the Nigel, I guess. While the girls are getting their hair and makeup done, Jay introduces Ben Bennett, founder of Hatch Beauty and creator of Dream Come True. Ben says that he's a tough client, and notes that fragrance imagery is often as important as the fragrance itself. Thus, it has to be captivating. And what is more captivating than a pretty lady stuck terrified inside a bottle as a giant gets ready to squeeze the atomizer? As Sophie is outfitted in a giant fluffy pink thing, she wonders if it's even possible for a Brit to win America's Next Top Model. Isn't that what we're all here to find out? Hasn't the suspense been killing you all season? Meanwhile, Jez tells Laura that this whole thing is supposed to be a dream, and that she shouldn't be too tough. Laura is concerned, both because she didn't do so well in the challenge, but also because she is not so into Barbie doll style. In fact, she used to burn the heads of her Barbie dolls. Being stuck in a bottle in a frilly pink dress is not, in fact, her comfort zone. As she wonders what she's going to do (set fire to her OWN head in protest?) we go to commercials.

When we return, Sophie comes out in the big pink monstrosity of a dress and gets in the bottle. Someone gives her the excellent piece of direction: "Your dreams just came true." Ben tells her that the onus is on her to show joy in her eyes and hopefulness in her face. Sophie really wants to stand out to the judges, and comes to set with her usual positive, happy self. Jay tells us she was moving well, and it was all magical. Laura is concerned, because she knows Sophie is going to rock the shoot. I mean, she seems like she's doing a fine job but she looks absolutely vacant. I guess maybe that's what you're going for with a perfume called Dream Come True? Maybe Top Model's second fragrance should be called Cliché Spray? Ben tells her that there were some things he liked in her shoot, but there was also a lot of repetitiveness.

Annaliese is next, and Jay tells her to keep it light and happy. She also looks vacant, and not at all excited. Jez doesn't understand where all of Annaliese's bubbly, vivacious personality went. Sprayed into the ether by a giant, is my guess. Poor Annaliese is super cheesy, and tells us that she couldn't get her thoughts straight, and also couldn't manage to FEEL like her dream had come true. You know who would nail this shoot? A person whose dream it is to live inside a giant perfume bottle. Annaliese gets very emotional as she tells us she couldn't get past her own doubt, and then starts talking like she's already out of the competition. I mean, that's true, but it was also true while she was doing the go-sees and she didn't let it get her down then. With 20 frames left, Ben tells Annaliese that her sweet spot is her smile, and she should get it together. Her performance does improve, but Ben tells us that overall she was a bit stiff.

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