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Messes in a Bottle

With the go-sees over, the models meet up with Cutrone on the Aqua Luna, which is apparently Hong Kong's iconic junk boat. She announces that the designers loved meeting Laura and thought she had a fantastic personality, but a few were on the fence about her ability to walk and deliver in a show. Annaliese and Sophie both had standout castings. Two of the designers favored Annaliese overall, and two favored Sophie. Annaliese was exotic and bubbly, and the designers thought she had a fantastic look. Sophie charmed the pants and dresses and skirts off of everyone. Cutrone announces that Laura booked two of four jobs, which seems high to me. She gets $2,000 Hong Kong dollars. Annaliese booked three jobs, and so gets $3,000 Hong Kong dollars. And finally, Sophie booked all four jobs. She's the challenge winner, and gets a bonus of $4,000 Hong Kong dollars. She's also going to be the face of Nude Is Rude for the entire year, and will get to participate in both Internet and print campaigns. As if that weren't enough prizes, Sophie will also get a junk boat full of clothes from the designers. Not bad for three hours of work!

There is further good news, which is that the girls get to enjoy a night out in Hong Kong with their male model escorts. Even better, Kelly Cutrone is not coming with them. I imagine she would only skulk around all night and talk endlessly about the benefit of being "power girls." We cut to Sophie spraying champagne all over the boys, and everyone toasting and dancing and drinking even more in the club. And thus, everyone blew their cash prizes.

Back at the house, there is Tyra Mail: "Tomorrow will be a dream come true! Fierce and love, Tyra." Everyone starts jumping around as they realize that they will likely be shooting for the Dream Come True fragrance. I have never sniffed Dream Come True, but I can only imagine that it's as horrid as the new Taylor Swift fragrance, which I got in my Birchbox. I was stupid enough to actually put it on my body. Oh, how I paid! The next morning, the girls meet up with Jay who tells them that at this point, it's anyone's competition. That is lies! But I guess you don't want Annaliese to give up quite yet. Jay says that the girls will indeed be shooting for Dream Come True, and the winning girl's photo will be used to help promote the fragrance in the year to come. The models will be placed inside a life-sized perfume bottle for the shoot, and then shaken around and sprayed by giants. If they can get over the terrifying giants aspect, the feel of the shoot should be very youthful and joyful.

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