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Sophie next goes to see Gregory Derham at the House of Siren. He is, I think, Australian, and also a bit ghoulish. He sizes Sophie up and tells her that she'd be very good in a Marie Antoinette inspired number. So, basically, one of Hong Kong's four most talented designers operates out of a Halloween store. Gregory loves Sophie, who really is a natural in the Marie Antoinette costume. We then follow Annaliese as she meets with Henry Lau, designer of Spy. She walks in his little store, and Henry tells her that her posing at the end was a bit shaky. He wants her to be more cool, which I think basically means like a robot mannequin. Unlike William Tang, Henry Lau is not a fan of flair. He asks Annaliese to walk three times, and she knows that this endeavor was not a success. Annaliese has a goal to book three, so knows she has to hustle on her remaining go-sees. As Sophie and Laura talk about how much pressure they feel in this challenge, we head to commercials.

When we return, it's nighttime. Laura lands at a label called Nude is Rude, and meets designer Marisa Zeman. Nude is Rude was started last year, and Marisa says that she's growing it throughout Asia and is looking for a face of the label. Marisa thinks that Laura looked good in the clothes, but her walk was not strong. Annaliese and Sophie pass each other on the street, and we see Sophie interview that Annaliese is a presenter and thus has presented herself well to the judges and clients. Her personality has gotten Annaliese to the end, says Sophie, but she's still not a model. We see Annaliese meet with Gregory Derham, who puts her in a Josephine Baker-esque banana-skirted lingerie ensemble. I suppose that's also a benefit of being the only black girl left? Annaliese says that it was nutty, but in a good way. Gregory thinks that Annaliese is wonderful, and had the requisite sass and bounce to pull off the banana costume. Laura shows up next, and gets outfitted as a Chinese disco ball. Gregory thinks that she has great enthusiasm and character, but the walking and movements needs some work. We are getting a lot of data about Laura's walk, here! Can't someone give her a few pointers?

Sophie shows up next at Henry Lau, and gets to don a floppy hat. Henry likes her very much, and thinks she has the face, confidence, and sex appeal of a Spy girl. Laura then walks for Henry, and it turns out he likes her primarily because of her hair color. Well, at least she's booked one! Sophie walks at Nude Is Rude, and Marisa thinks that the clothes suit her very well and that she's great. Annaliese tells us that Sophie's walk isn't all that amazing, and she can do better. She walks for Marisa, who loves her and says that she had just the right amount of attitude. Of all the models, Annaliese is Marisa's favorite.

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