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When we return, the girls ride on a bus and Sophie ruminates on how important it is to make it in America. If you make it in America, she says, you've made it worldwide. Whereas if you've made it in England, you've made it in England. Maybe in Wales, too? Anyway, Sophie sees this as her last chance for worldwide modeling domination. The ladies arrive in Hong Kong, and take a ferry upon which is the Queen of the Damned herself, Kelly Cutrone. Annaliese says, "That is a woman who does not like me at all." Cutrone is impervious to sparkling personalities! It's what allows her to keep her edge. She tells the girls that for today's challenge, they've called up the four most talented designers in Hong Kong. If that's true, I worry a bit for the Hong Kong fashion scene. The girls are indeed doing go-sees, and Kelly tells them that for each that they book, they'll get $1,000 Hong Kong dollars. That works out to something like $125 American, so clearly if they book multiple go-sees they'll be able to, like, buy some souvenir Hong Kong shotglasses and maybe a fridge magnet.

Cutrone says that when power girls travel they like to roll with some hot dudes. Also, if you set these models free by themselves in this city, there's bound to be some sort of international incident. Thus, they'll each get a male model escort who knows his way around the city and can direct a taxi cab driver. A little bit of awkward flirting happens in the back of the cabs, but for the most part the models are focused on banging out the challenge. Sophie first lands at designer William Tang, and gets a lovely pink dress to wear. She walks, and though she's can't read William Tang's poker face, he tells us that he likes her and that she has the figure to wear anything. Laura shows up next, and William tells us that Laura needs someone to teach her how to walk. That can't bode well for a challenge victory. Laura reminds us again that she's not confident in her walk either, so the whole experience is nerve-wracking. Annaliese walks for William next and he cracks a smile for the first time. He LOVES her, and tells her that she has just the right complexion for a red dress. Annaliese points out that being the only black girl left has some advantages, because if any of the designers wants something other than chalky pale, she's the only option. Annaliese walks in a little gold number for William, and he tells us that she has a very special flair before smiling widely and stating, "I love her!" So, I'm guessing that Annaliese booked that one and also has a new boyfriend.

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