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Whitney is next, and Karen correctly says that her photo looks like a sonogram. But a fierce sonogram! Miss J. says that she's a full figured fetus, and he loves it. Tyra thinks it looks like Whitney is taking her first breath. She was blown away by Whitney's film. Next up is Whitney's nemesis, Dominqiue, who is wearing sheer stockings with a t-shirt. And no pants or skirt. If she bent down to pick up a pencil, Tyra says, they'd have a show. A horror show. Dominique's hair is also sticking up all over the place. But the judges seem to like her photo. Tyra thinks the expression on her face is like pain and orgasm all wrapped up into one. Is it me, or is Tyra totally getting some? And then Nigel totally rags on her hair, and says she has sort of a There's Something About Mary vibe. HA! The dude who gave her the painful orgasm totally shot his wad in her bangs. I hate it when that happens.

Lauren is next. Her shot is unusual and arty, and it almost looks like she's dead. In a good way. But Tyra notes that she struggled in her film. Lauren says that her contact came out, and Miss J. tells her it doesn't matter. Tyra thinks this was Lauren's weakest week. It's the karma of the coffee grinds! Fatima is next. Tyra thinks it's so perfect that it looks like somebody drew it. Fatima says that she practiced a lot. Nigel asks her to give him one good angle. She puts her hand on her hip and one arm in the air. Nigel's response? "Like a teapot?" Hee. But her film was stunning. It doesn't hurt that her cheekbone is practically piercing through the plastic. Then there's Anya. She looks like a troll doll run over by a steam roller. The judges love it. Tyra says it's very, "H2-oh no you didn't, girl!" What does that even mean?

Quite tellingly, Claire's reign as Cover Girl of the Week has come to an end! Katarzyna got it this week, which seems like a good enough trade-off.

The judges deliberate. Claire could have worked her angles a little better, and some of the judges think she's a bit one-note. Stacy-Ann has a square jaw, which concerns Karen. But square jaw aside, she's managed to convince clients that she's bookable. Katarzyna looks much better with her haircut, but it still hasn't given her a personality. Whitney's photo was real fantasy, according to Nigel, and Karen thinks she's beautiful with a great personality. Dominique looked crazy in front of the panel, but Karen says she looked better on the go-see day and got a good response from several of the designers. And Tyra thinks her picture was beautiful. Fatima has a gorgeous face, but Nigel thinks she lucked into her photo. Paulina thinks that Nigel just doesn't like Fatima. On the contrary, says Nigel, he thinks she's beautiful. Tyra's all, "We know you only like the Asian girls, Nigel, just give it up." Anya's photo is great, and Tyra thinks she looks like a fiery headed nymph elf. Lauren's awkwardness didn't work in her shoot, but the face is still gorgeous, according to Paulina. Karen thinks she lacks self-confidence. Nigel is losing faith in Lauren, but Paulina raves that she's slightly less Frankenstein-y. The highest form of compliment!

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