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If You Can't Make It Here, You Can't Make It Anywhere

Lauren comes out in a yellow frilly bathing suit. It is, like, the last thing you would ever, ever see on her. Shoshanna thinks that Lauren is pretty, but that she seemed a bit uncomfortable. Lauren repeats her mantra of, "Don't walk like Lurch," and then proceeds to walk like Lurch. Shoshanna loves Fatima. Anya notes that she wasn't talkative, and didn't ask Shoshanna any questions, which she should have done. No! Anya, at all costs, keep the mouth shut! Katarzyna walks in a green and white striped bathing suit. She says that she feels confident about her walk, but this is a team challenge and she has no idea how their competitors are doing.

Let's find out! Team One meets with Pamella de Vos, the president and designer of Pamella Roland. You mean...her last name isn't Roland? I'm already so confused! Stacy-Ann tells us that go-sees aren't difficult for her, because she's such a people person. Pamella thinks that Stacy-Ann has a great walk and personality, and would definitely hire her. Claire is next. Pamella says she has a great walk, but doesn't have a look that she'd use for a campaign. Then there's Dominique. Whitney is surprised at how good Dominique looked in her gown, but then gets annoyed afresh when Dominique walks back to the lobby and pats herself on the back, literally, and high-fives the others with the designer right behind her. Whitney then walks, and Pamella tells her not to wiggle so much. Pamella doesn't realize that when a woman has flesh on her body, it sometimes just moves on its own. She thinks that Whitney is a beautiful girl and might work in a plus-sized market, but she doesn't work for Pamella Roland. And what hoss size is Whitney, you might ask? She's a ten. Yeah. Stick a hose in her and vacuum out some fat, already!

Pamella tells Whitney that usually they use size twos on the runway. Whitney is frustrated, and tells us that she's discriminated against because she's not a size two. She has to fight every single second of every day. Okay, then. It's not like she's the dude who had to be fork-lifted from his second floor bedroom because he couldn't fit out of the door. I mean, it sucks that the fashion industry is so focused on skinny chicks, but real world-wise it's hard for me to feel THAT bad for someone who's a size ten and gorgeous. Dominique interviews that Whitney felt defeated on the go-see. She started to slowly see Whitney break down, she says, before gleefully adding, "Bye-bye, Whitney!" with a little wave. With that, we head to commercials.

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