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If You Can't Make It Here, You Can't Make It Anywhere

The judges have reached a decision. There are eight beautiful ladies, and seven photos. And the first photo goes to...Fatima. She's quite happy. Next Tyra calls Anya, Katarzyna, Whitney, Stacy-Ann, and Dominique. This leaves Claire and Lauren in the final two. Claire takes gorgeous pictures, but the judges feel like she's one-note. America's Next Top Model is looking for someone who's diverse, and a chameleon. Unless you're Aimee, in which being too chameleonic sounds the death knell. Lauren is in the bottom two because the judges see the same note in the judging room. She's awkward and Frankenstein-like, and nobody thinks that's pretty. Can Claire show diversity? Can awkward Lauren loosen up and get some personality and confidence? I mean, probably no on both counts, but it's Lauren who gets the photo. Tyra tells her to take something out of the beautiful pictures she takes and use it to enhance her personal presentation.

Claire needs to take some time to study in the mirror, Tyra says. Claire notes that she's usually a big chameleon, and doesn't know why that didn't break through. Maybe she should have tried running faster on the treadmill? Tyra tells her to go home and figure it out. Claire hugs the other girls, and even Dominique gets in on the action. She skips out of the room in her ugly dress and even more unfortunate shoes. She's very sad and bummed that essentially she failed. However, it was a great experience. She learned a lot about herself and about relating to other people. That last lesson was mostly, "Don't live with eleven bitches. There is always at least one bad apple." Claire says that it's difficult that she started off so strong, because she could have been a competitor and could have been America's Next Top Model. And then, sadly, she feels guilty for losing because she left her baby and husband and dog. Oh, Claire. There's still some milk in those puppies! Keep on pumping, girl. Yeah, keep on pumping.

Next week: Fatima has some legal trouble. The heck? And Lauren chops off her finger accidentally. I guess that's better than a broken neck.

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