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Previously on ANTM: Dominique was rubbing a whole bunch of people the wrong way, and brought out the catty beasts in Claire, Lauren, and, once again, Whitney. A music-themed photo shoot showed Lauren's gift for making a red plastic mini look elegant, while the genres of R&B and country tripped up Aimee and Claire, respectively. In the end, Aimee was sent home, which is just as well as eventually there's going to be a nudie shoot and we've seen the "conflicted girl with morals won't disrobe" thing enough in seasons one through nine. Eight bitches remain!

In the limo ride home after the eliminations, Whitney notes her surprise at being called first, and says that she went from being called last to being called first in a week. She thinks that America, and America's Next Top Model, is ready for a plus-sized model to win the competition. Whitney, I hate to tell you, but this country only likes the reality TV fatties when they are being inspirational and losing buttloads of weight. But not so much weight that you look better than the rest of us. Dominique tells us that she doesn't see Whitney as a winner of the competition, or someone who will get far. She doesn't think Whitney has the "can do" attitude, which Dominique possesses in spades. Personally, I think Dominique has more of a "canned doo doo" attitude. There is some major stank in that manly countenance.

Back at the house, the girls read a sweet note from Aimee. Claire reminds us that she was in the bottom two last week, which was very nervewracking. We flash back to Claire doing a jump of joy when Tyra gives her a photo, which Lauren then mocks in an interview. Lauren wasn't expecting it, and says it was disrespectful. I agree! When you are not the bootee, you always must turn and sorrowfully hug the girl next to you who is going home before dolefully taking your photo from Tyra. It's like shaking hands at the net in tennis. Stacy-Ann tells us that Claire sometimes tries too hard and can be too over the top. Well! Isn't that veneer that has won Claire six straight Cover Girl of the Week designations starting to peel off! Or whatever veneer does. Claire says that the longer she stays in the competition, the more she'll get out of it, and the less guilty she'll feel for abandoning her baby. It's worth missing those first steps if you learn the correct application of a glamorous smoky eye, for sure.

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