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The 20 semi-finalists who weathered the first cuts put on the garments from their garment bags, which were designed by Yotam Solomon, the youngest designer ever to show at LA Fashion Week. Just like him, one of these girls is going to make history as America's Next Top Petite Model. There are some big-time invisible finger quotes around "history." Each girl gets five minutes to do her own hair and makeup. Amber thinks she's perfect just as she is. With all that crazy on the face, there's not much room for cosmetics.

The girls walk down a runway and are photographed at the end of it, just like real models. The results are somewhat maudlin. Jay asks the girls if they've seen what models do at the end of the runway, and Crazyface yells out that she actually hasn't. Jay asks her why she wants to be a model and she replies, of course, "For Jesus." Jay is dubious that Jesus wants Crazyface Amber to be a model so, as she says, she can "help people." Ciara explains that Amber is actually pretty good at being a model, however she's crazy. Yes, exactly. Except for the being a good model part. Jay is going to take the photos from this shoot back to Tyra and Miss J. so they can make their final, and finalist, decisions.

Tyra and the Jays huddle in their War Room and evaluate the girls. Brittany the mathematician is surprisingly modelesque in her photos. Poor pop-up trailer Amanda walks like a linebacker. Ashley has stunning bone structure, and Jay likes her greenness. There's nothing fresh about Kara, but she worked it out with her pose on the runway. Bianca is a bit like Nnenna, but hopefully less annoying. Jay likes her strength, but Miss J. thinks her runway pose is pretty lackluster. Ciara was a bit crazy with her posing, but she has beautiful cat-like eyes. Amber has a heart-shaped face and quirky bird-like features that Tyra and Jay like. They don't mention the fact that she's crazy, which could be a bad sign. Courtney stuck it out with the crutches, but Tyra's a little disappointed with her Polaroid. Erin is kind of stiffed and controlled, and perhaps needs a little kick-start. Lisa is focused on being relatable to men, and needs to be relatable to women as well. Laura is clueless, but that could work in her favor. Jennifer is the new Ciara, which means that now it is she who wants to wash a car with her boobs. Miss J. laments how the girls feel the need to be overtly sexy, which is always a mistake. Lulu looks like she's about to whip your ass, according to Miss J., but Jay Manuel loves her. Bloody Eyeball Nicole owned the runway. Rae looks more like a fitness model than a fashion model, meaning that she has muscles. Bambi Eyes Rachel is sort of elfin and funny looking, and Tyra loves it. Sundai looks pretty crazy on the runway, but she has face and Miss J. can't be mad at her. With that, Tyra and the Jays have made their decision.

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