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What It Do, Shorty?

With that, it's time for the models to go in front of Tyra and the Jays! Jennifer, 23 from Philadelphia, is first, and does a whole lot of squealing when she enters the room. Jennifer once had a throw-down fight with a hussy from New Jersey. Did the bitch flip a table? Because if not, you weren't really in Jersey. PROSTITUTION WHORE! Jennifer hopes that being Asian will give her an edge. But is America really ready for a short, elderly Asian supermodel? One boundary at a time, Jennifer.

Then there's Courtney of the crutches. Tyra asks how she broke her foot, and we see actual video of Courtney's hard-core tumbling pass where it all happened. She interviews that this is the fourth time that she's broken her foot. She's uber-competitive, and her body in a bikini is at once hot and oddly lumpy. I mean, lumpy in a bony way. And a good way, even. Tyra loves her complete lack of boobs, and Jay adds that Courtney's proportions are great and she actually looks like a model. She also got her broken foot into a four-inch stiletto, so points for that.

Next is Amanda, 21 from New Orleans. She's wearing jeans, a black tank top, Converse sneakers, and a fedora. Amanda looks a little rough and she explains, she lives in a pop-up trailer in east New Orleans. There's no plumbing in the pop-up trailer, so she uses the "plumbing in the yard." You'd think this might be a serious look into how victims of Hurricane Katrina are still struggling to put even basic pieces of their lives together four years later, but the jaunty music playing in the background and further interview clips from Amanda are really just evidence that Poor People Say the Darndest Things!

Next there's Bianca, who tells us that she has presence, confidence, and an aura about her. She was in an abusive relationship, and one day, after waking up with marks all over her face from a beating, she decided to shave her head completely. That may sound trivial, but anyone who's undergone a major change in look -- particularly regarding hair -- at the time of a transformative or traumatic life event knows what she's talking about. Bianca gets teary as she talks about getting herself back.

And then there's math major Brittany, who apparently has loved math since she was three. She tells Tyra and the Jays that she's very analytical about her own face, and knows all of her planes and curves and coordinates. Tyra is skeptical, and reminds Brittany that fashion is also about the arts, and there's a romantic side to it. Brittany interviews that she lives in the basement of the library and studies for 10 hours a day. I think the combination of mold and lack of sunlight has led her to this moment. Adding a Top Model victory to her academic accomplishments would be a great source of pride for Brittany, because she's in the early stages of a Beautiful Mind-style nervous breakdown.

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