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Fourteen beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has 13 photos in her hands. And those photos represent the girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The first name called is Rae, who had the best photo of the week. She is surprised and delighted. Tyra next calls Bloody Eyeball, followed by Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany and Sundai. This means that Lisa and Bianca are in the bottom two. Tyra is sad to see that Lisa's there, especially after getting a second chance to be in the competition. Lisa has a bad photo, and also isn't particularly memorable. Then there's Bianca. She has a strong photo, but may not be meant to be a model, since models aren't paid to complain about everything constantly. This might not be the industry for her, Tyra says. But this time it's Bianca who's getting a second chance to stop being so stank. She's still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. And poor Lisa gets disappointed for the second time.

Lisa interviews that she's upset about coming back and being the first to leave. She feels like it's a lost opportunity, but also feels fortunate to have been able to come on the show at all. She's going to try to continue to model, even though her small stature will make it more difficult.

Next week: Someone gets the boot at a visit to the Wilhelmina offices, and Tyra dresses up as a deranged superhero.

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