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What It Do, Shorty?

Next is Sundai, the shortest girl in the competition at 5'3". Miss J. tells her to take off her leg warmers, which are making her look stumpy. She does so, over her shoes no less! The life of a fashion model is 24-7 craziness! Sadly for Sundai, her photo does not get raves. Nigel tells her that she's beautiful, with an exquisite face, but she actually looks too strong and has a lack of energy in her photos. Sundai is depressed. Next up is Lisa, who admits to being both excited and nervous. Nigel likes the concept and styling of Lisa's shot, but her pose looks too amateurish. Chanel thinks that she looks mean, and Miss J. adds that her face got lost in all of her clown ruffles.

Then there's Bloody Eyeball, who gets instant raves. Chanel tells her that her photo is fierce. Tyra thinks that she needs a bit more smiling with her bloody eyes in the photo. Miss J. calls it may-jah, because it is, and Nigel praises her broken body angles. Laura is next, and also gets positive feedback. She looks like she's in control of the photo. Chanel suggests that she arch her back a bit more to give shape to her body. Bianca is next. Nigel thinks that her photo looks like it's straight out of a fashion magazine, but Tyra is not about to let Bianca go without addressing issues of her stank attitude on set. Tyra says that, back in the day when there wasn't even makeup for women of color, she wouldn't walk on set and say, "I don't like my makeup (down pouty face)." She'd walk on set and say, "I don't like my makeup (smile with eyes)." So there.

Then there's Erin of the bow on her head. The judges love it. Nigel says that she could take the picture to the next level by slightly collapsing her body. Tyra points out to Bianca that Erin has bleached eyebrows that are working all over the place for her. And also she doesn't complain about them like a whiny bitch. Lulu is next, and gets mostly raves on her photo, with a bit of advice for elongating her neck. Courtney's photo is like artwork according to Chanel. Tyra notes that Courtney's right arm is very muscular. She says that it's important to be leaner or a bit softer, or else you wind up looking like an athlete. The horrors.

And with that, it's time for the judges to deliberate. Rachel has good angles, and her broken angles and shape work even with her scary claw-hand. Ashley is stunning and understands her body. Brittany looks like an actress posing for a magazine instead of a model, and has accomplished the near-impossible feat of making herself look smaller. Jennifer, on the other hand, gives good stretch. Kara is beautiful with superb bone structure, but she can be quite hard. Sundai looks drunk in her picture, and it's not working. Rae is a ray of sunshine, and her ballerina pose has inspired Chanel. Lisa is a scary clown in her photos, and a dud in person. She almost makes you miss Crazyface Amber. Bloody Eyeball Nicole is working her entire body, tippy head to tippy toe. She's fierce. Laura has a great face and is a stunning girl according to Nigel, and Chanel sees a cosmetics contract in her future. I'm not sure whether that's a good or a bad thing. Bianca had issues, and isn't classically pretty. However, Nigel thinks it works for her. Chanel loves Lulu's length in her photo, and admits to being a fan. Erin looks great in her photo, even if it's not a sensational modeling picture. Courtney's photo looks like art that Chanel would hang in her laundry room. That's a heady compliment, eh? As Miss J. says, "Who in the hell goes in your damn laundry room other than you?" And with that, the judges have reached a decision.

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