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When we return, it's time for panel! The girls head out to find Tyra holding a giant cardboard cutout of her baby photo over her face. The other judges are doing the same thing, perhaps in part to build the suspense over who has replaced Paulina. Miss J. doesn't have a childhood photo, because he sprung fully formed out of Pepper LaBeija's forehead. Tyra introduces the girls to guest judge for the week, model Chanel Iman, and they're all appropriately impressed. Then, of course, there's Nigel, who had long, flowing locks as a child. Miss J. is introduced last, which means there IS no Paulina replacement whatsoever. The salty seat is deserted, my friends. The prizes are a bit different, too. The winner will receive a contract with Wilhelmina models this cycle, because Wilhelmina welcomes models of every size and shape. The cover and six-page spread in Seventeen remain, as does the $100,000 Cover Girl contract. With that, the evaluations begin!

Rachel, who loves her dark hair, is up first. Nigel this that she's nicely precocious in her photo, even if her right hand is a little broken and claw-like. Rachel is 5' 5 1/2", but looks a good 5'9" in her picture, which is a good thing. It's all about making yourself look like you went through the taffy puller. Ashley is next, and Chanel Iman says that she's giving it. Ashley is a dance teacher, and is using her dance background to enhance her modeling. Good work all around. Next is Brittany. Miss J. says with some reservation that her photo is sexy, and Tyra notes that throughout her film Brittany overdid the booty tooch. The overt sexuality needs to be pulled back a bit. Brittany thinks that her dark hair brings out her sexiness. Tyra notes that she, too, has darker hair now, and then proceeds to wag her tongue in an exaggerated fashion that will give us all nightmares.

Jennifer is next, and does a great job of stretching her body to fill the frame of the picture. Miss J. thinks it's brilliant. Tyra says that her jawline is stunning and her eyes are beautiful, and Nigel approves of how she's updated her childhood photo. Kara is next, and her profile shot is good. However, Nigel is skeptical when any profile shot is chosen, because it means that the model is not good straight on. Tyra tells Kara that she needs to work on her straight-on shots, which basically means, "Get prettier." Rae and her ballerina shot is next. Nigel thinks that it's great, and Chanel says that she's graceful and looks like a doll. Tyra hyperventilated when she first saw Rae's photos, but sadly did not pass out. Chanel tells her to get used to the uncomfortable shoes.

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