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Back at the penthouse, there is Tyra Mail. Someone's getting the boot. Raina says, "Oh Mylanta. I do not want to go home." She's very determined to go all the way, and annoy us the whole time.

After a commercial break, we're at panel. There are prizes, there are judges. Sarah McLeod is the guest judge. We learn that in Englewood you say "Lord of the Raaaangs." Because Tyra's so street. Alexandra is up first for evaluation. Nigel thinks that her photo is very beautiful and powerful in the eyes, which look like they're questioning. Tyra thinks this is interesting, since she instructed Alex to look at her and wonder if she should share a secret. Sarah notes that there is brightness coming through one eye but not another, which is also interesting. ALT compliments Tyra, then compliments Alex by saying that she looks like an ethnic model. This means she can talk to a lot of different markets, which is a good thing.

Raina is next. She looks like she's gazing at the camera through a prison fence. Add some barbed wire at the top, and it's a grittier version of the "Telephone" video. Her eyes are squinting, and Sarah wonders what she's teaching us. Nigel wishes that she had lowered her head a touch so her eyes caught the light. The picture would have exploded. ALT doesn't dislike the photograph, but feels anger coming from her face. Tyra likes that, since it's different. Nigel asks Raina how it felt to work with Tyra, and Raina answers that Tyra is very personable. Oh Mylanta, she's such a dork! Krista looks like she would strangle Raina if she had an extendable Go-Go Gadget arm. Tyra shares Mr. Jay's critique that Raina didn't enjoy this concept so much, since she normally likes more romantic shoots. The hard and edgy shoots aren't her favorite. Tyra's advice is for Raina to make everything her favorite. In other words, be entirely non-discriminating. I'll tuck that one away.

Angelea is wearing a gorgeous outfit that she won on one of the go-sees, which is a vast improvement over her club dress of last week. The judges love it. Angelea's photo reminds ALT of some sort of Matisse photo. He actually calls it "Angel-y." Tyra notes that Angelea is laying down on her back while Tyra straddles her. ALT gives a half-scandalized and half-disgusted, "Really!" Nigel says that the close-up isn't that attractive, since the eyes aren't looking far away enough. A good rule for beauty shots is to pretend you're focusing on someone about 300 feet away. It adds a look of wonder. Tyra notes that this is good advice, and adds that the smize is really just you looking at something you can't see. Also known as "a squint." The code is cracked.

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