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A muddified Krista is being worked on backstage. Angelea continues to talk shit about her, and even says to her face that she looks like a chicken. It's kind of true, actually. Krista notes that it's going to be pretty, and that Angelea's a hater. Also true! Raina is up next, and Jay tells her that she has to find the same love for the shoot as she had last week in the billowy dress. This week, Raina has no dress at all. While everyone else has some semblance of clothes, she has only underwear. She likes it, though, because it gives her an opportunity to push herself. She wraps a giant rope around her bosom, and Tyra tells her to think crazy in her tablecloth shadow. Raina was apparently the only girl that Tyra was excited to shoot today. She has wolf eyes that Tyra seems to be mildly obsessed with. In practice, however, Raina was more of a husky. She's not pushing enough. Jay says that Raina doesn't love the creative 100%, so we actually saw a weak side of her for a change. Alexandra is delighted that Raina is finally starting to go downhill. It could be that the mud in her hair is gray, which in turn makes her look like she's 112 years old and undead.

Angelea is next, and tells us that it's extremely important for her to do well. Not only was her photo last week a mess, but Tyra is shooting her today. Angelea lays on the log and gets the wicker chair treatment. Tyra tells her to think less "high school portrait" and more "sexy secret." The other girls look on, and Angelea decides that she's going to give them a show. Tyra's next comment to her is, "A little too... pokey-pokey." What does that even mean? Krista notes that Angelea is a little shaky as of late, because thinks she knows everything. However, her face isn't strong, and she's struggling. Tyra says that Angelea was sweet, soft and blah. However, once Tyra told her to be dead, something happened. Something good. Angelea can apparently smize while playing dead, which is quite a feat.

Krista is last, and the sun is going down. The crew hustles to get her in place. She has some sort of geometric shadow from a very funky tablecloth. Krista knows that she has a strong, harsh look and can come off looking mean. She wants to show Tyra that she can do something else. Tyra instructs Krista to find the light with her eyes, and then to make it look more deliberate and edgy. The whole thing is a bit rushed because of the light situation, and Krista is worried. Krista looks like a cheetah, per Tyra's direction. Make that a "cheetah with a secret." Maybe a vegetarian cheetah? Tyra tells us that Krista understands angles, shapes, passion, push, and tension. She gets it. That's a wrap, and on a high note. Angelea tells us that Krista did well, but not as well as her. She says, "I feel great. I feel confident. I feel excellent." Hooooow Ex! Cellent! Krista tells us that anyone could be going home. She's not feeling overconfident, since having the best picture one week means nothing the next.

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