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When we return, we learn that the winner is Krista! Her head is going to look SO small for all of eternity. The best part of Krista's victory is Angelea's utterly stank look when Krista's name is called. Krista looks like she's about to faint, or have a spell or something. Jay tells her that, because she also had last week's best photo and thus gets to share in her own prize, she'll get an additional $1,500 worth of clothes from World. She'll have to get bigger living quarters to house all the puffiness of those shirts! Maybe she'll even have to rent a storage unit. Jay tells Krista not to buy the other girls anything and Angelea stanks, "She won't." Angelea's anger does not go unnoticed by Krista, who's like, "I won again, so deal." Krista's getting a little cocky, but I can't say I mind her winning streak. She's so old. She's sort of like the Betty White of the competition at this point, and so I feel compelled to offer her my good will and support.

Back at the house, Krista joyfully goes through her new loot. Most of the other girls look on and coo, but Angelea stomps off. Jessica tells us that Angelea's lost the title of Queen Bee, and it now belongs to Krista, who is a strong competitor. Angelea interviews, "I don't care. She can keep them clothes, so what. I'll buy me some clothes when I get my contract." You will not be surprised to learn that this statement is peppered with an abundance of stank. And speaking of stank, Alex and Krista seem to find this to be the perfect time to do impressions of Angelea's weird club move at the last elimination. We flash back to this very odd moment, and the judges' puzzled reaction to it. Angelea is clearly not impressed, and tells them to cut it out. Krista points out that Angelea can crack jokes and pick on everyone else, but if she dishes it she needs to be able to take it. Angelea, however, interviews that you don't need to egg it on to the point that the person being mocked is irritated. She gets it, and is tired of their mess. Angelea's humorlessness is then countered by her honesty as she tells us that she grew up on the east side of Buffalo, which is all ghetto. She's been knocked down countless times, she says, and we're reminded that she slept in New York's Port Authority bus station en route to her Cycle 12 auditions. Cycle 14 is the shit, she says, and she's here, and she's not letting the other girls get to her. Except for the times she does, which seem to be constantly. Nonetheless, Angelea plans to be the last woman standing.

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