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Kicking the Hobbit

Jessica is next, and totally looks like she's posing for the J.C. Penney catalogue. She tells us that she's so nervous, and blanked out on everything once she got on set. She's trying to keep her face strong with editorial poses, but Jay whispers, "So commercial," to Sarah. Alex says that there's no energy in Jessica's face, and she feels like she's looking in the Dillard's catalogue. That's basically the same thing I said, but I still would like a giant swinging pendulum to clock Alex out of her interview right now. Angelea is next, and says that they're getting down to the wire and people are starting to act funny. By "people" she might mean herself, and by "funny" she might mean "stank." But actually she means Krista and Jessica, who try to subtly undermine you in catty ways. The girls are definitely watching her, she says, because she's competition. Raina and her relentless positivity are next. She's in her element, she says, looking out on gorgeous New Zealand scenery. It's very inspirational, and helps her to work her giant puffy shirt with aplomb.

Jay and Sarah give the girls their critiques. Jay liked that Alex tried something totally different, but her on-the-back pose with legs up-in-the-air looked more like the cover of a Hobbit pinup magazine. Hobtit? Raina's face is great, but the way she used her body in the Hobbit doorway wasn't quite as comfortable. Jessica was doing standard poses. Not amazing. Angelea came up with simple poses that could have worked for a magazine cover. Krista was able to lengthen her arms and neck, as if they needed lengthening. It was simple, and she used the space in a smart way. Krista notes that Angelea's critique went well, but now the positive comments are coming her way. She thinks Angelea needs to chill and learn that there's no way she can win this competition. Them's some poorly edited and cobbled together fighting words! The winner of the challenge will get $3,000 worth of merchandise from World. A closet full of puffy shirts! Angelea interviews, "Guess what, bitches? This'll be like my redemption." Part of her redemption involves lighting Krista's ass on fire, like so many taco shells. And the winner is... us! Because it's time for the Cover Girl Top Model Lounge with past faves Bianca and Laura!

Laura tells us that she might be biased (and most likely drunk) but thinks that Angelea did better. Bianca, however, has to go with Krista. She has a lot working for her, and looked great all around. The competition is getting so tough now, Laura says emphatically. She looks so drunk and so pretty. How is she not in the Victoria's Secret catalogue yet?

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