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Five beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has four photos in her hands. And those photos represent those who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The best photo of the week once again goes to Krista! Angelea wants to cut somebody. Most likely Krista. Alexandra is called next, followed by Angelea. This leaves Raina and Jessica in the bottom two. Jessica is so sweet, so pretty, and so commercial. That's a money maker, but not a career maker. She's not a girl who books editorial. However, she can be edgy when she concentrates. Then there's Raina, who knows how to evoke romance and Renaissance and couture. But she can't give edge either. So who stays? Raina. Tyra says that she was in bed thinking about how excited she was to shoot Raina the wolf girl who is also Rebecca Romijn and Brooke Shields. She likes doing couture, but couture shots are one in a million. It's important to be comfortable and love everything that you model, even when it's a stupid idea with ugly execution. This show should give her good practice at that. Tyra tells Jessica that the whole commercial thing is the kiss of death on Top Model. The real thing, however, is to leave the competition and prove all the judges wrong.

A weepy Jessica says that she came a really long way and made it to the top five. She gave her all, and it wasn't enough. She thanks Tyra for the opportunity, and says that though she'll miss the competition she's excited to see her family. To pursue her dream she's going to move to California or New York and become a big-time model, whether that be commercial or editorial. She's going to see where life takes her. Hopefully the fire department will not be involved.

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