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Kicking the Hobbit

Jessica is next. She also gets complimented on her outfit. Sara likes how Jessica's gaze is upward, which makes her interested in what Jessica might be thinking about. Nigel thinks it looks like she's searching for the truth. ALT, who is no fan of Jessica in general, says that the shot is pretty, and isn't horrible, but... he's at a loss for words. Given his propensity to shout out words in English, French, and Wizard, this is not a good thing. He asks Nigel for help. Nigel tactfully tells Jessica that her profile perhaps isn't her strongest attribute, and it's important to have intensity when you're not looking at the camera. Tyra thinks that the shadow -- which is, in fairness, a big honking shadow -- is wearing Jessica. She's not giving enough oomph, and needs to learn to push past high concept so she isn't the soft pretty girl who gets lost in the shadows. LITERALLY!

Finally there's Krista, who won her third challenge this week. Her shadow picture gets raves. Nigel thinks it's a great profile, and she found just the right amount of light to frame her face. ALT compliments Tyra on the lighting, and says that the shot is of cover quality for a "fabulous beauty supplement." Krista gave variety, variety, variety, and showed a great connection to her body and face. She understands modeling in terms of geometry, and Tyra tells her that she is at the head of the pack. It was a joy to shoot her, and Tyra was sad when it was over. You can guess who is and is not happy about this critique.

The judges deliberate. Nigel loves Alexandra's photo, and says that she's finally getting it. She's comfortable in her face, and it's coming through in her eyes. ALT senses an ethnic girl from another culture, which is a remarkable feat when you're "a Caucasian from somewhere in the hinterlands of Texas." Tyra says that Alex has such confidence, and is sweet and nice to be around. She was a joy to shoot. The emotion in Raina's photograph is anger, according to ALT, who does not feel beauty at all. However, Sarah likes it, and thinks it's a big improvement over her Hobbit shot. Tyra was not impressed with Raina's film, because she didn't push through and give anything extra. Angelea's shot looks great because Tyra had her lay down. However, the eye contact is non-existent. Tyra agrees that Angelea wasn't bringing it at all, and adds that shooting her was a bit of a struggle. Nigel had a similar experience last week. ALT says that Jessica's photo isn't doing it at all. It says that she's the pretty girl next week. Sarah, however, thinks that Jessica's a lovely girl and a pleasure to be around, even when she's struggling. Nigel thinks that's extremely important. Her close-ups haven't been so great, but she's a great mover, which is her strength. Tyra feels that Jessica's faith and passion isn't strong enough to model through high concept, but her doe eyes do give her an edge. ALT says that Krista's photo could have been in Vu, a great French magazine of the '20s and '30s, which changed the whole concept of what magazines should be. The photograph is stunning, and Krista pops out. She's doing an A+ job.

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