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Previously: The girls landed in stunning museums, then went a go-seein'! Alasia was very, very late, as is her custom. A giant, billowy black dress was featured in the week's photo shoot, along with sheep. Alasia's lack of focus brought her back down to the bottom of the pack, and she was banished from the competition and ALT's salon. Five bitches remain!

We begin in the limo, with Raina offering up a big round of congratulations to the top five, herself included. Alexandra tells us that this competition isn't about being friends, and she's not going to be fake or be someone that she's not just because the other girls are doing it. Cut to Raina fakely saying, "I LOVE your picture." Alex's plan is to take out all these skinny tarts. Cut to Alex chomping on what appears to be a fat tart, or fat roast beef sandwich, or fat stromboli. From here on out, she says, it's going to be nasty. In fact, Alex assures us, it's on like Donkey Kong. Perhaps Billy Mitchell will guest judge? Jessica, meanwhile, had a reality show reality check when she landed in the bottom two last week. She has really strong body poses, she says, but the judges told her to work on her facial expressions and be more fierce. She also has been saddled with the commercial curse, and is presumably doomed to life in the Delia's catalogue.

The girls return home and see Krista's best-of-week billowy dress photo displayed as digital art in the house. Speaking of facial expressions, Krista's face in this photo is kind of whack. Nonetheless, she gives herself a big cheer. Krista tells us that getting best photo two times in a row feels like a dream, and is a huge high. She's singularly focused, and says that the other girls are getting tired. This is good, because she can run right past them and throw a deuce behind her. A deuce like a peace sign, not a deuce like poop. Though probably that too. You know who is tired of Krista? Angelea. She is not happy that Krista is doing so well, and says that she and Krista are not as close as they once were. This could be because Angelea is clearly jealous of Krista's success, or it could, as Angelea states, have something to do with the fact that Krista and Alex are getting closer. At the end of the day, Angelea says, there can only be one, and she's prepared to bring it at the next shoot.

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