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Some of the girls were down in the dumps after the go-see challenge, but everyone got there for a landfill-based shoot. Per usual, Molly was less than pleased with her surroundings. She wanted to plug her nose, and also kill the circling seagulls with a bb gun. Nigel called her a complainer. Her attitude held her back and she landed in the bottom two. However, to our great sadness, it was Jaclyn who was eliminated. The show will never be quite so sweet again.

Five girls are left, competing for the title of America's Next Top Model. But before we crown a new winner, let's check in with Ann Ward, 40-foot tall winner of cycle 15. Since we last saw Ann, she was flown to Paris to shoot with famed photographer Ellen von Unwerth for her March spread in Vogue Italia. The photos look weird and pretty great. Now, Ann is living in New York City and continues to be represented by IMG. We don't actually hear from Ann, which is a great sadness. I hope she's doing okay.

So, five beautiful girls are headed to Morocco. Who will win it all? Will it be Molly, the athletic blonde who has hung on through many bad hair days? Will it be Kasia, the fiercely real girl with more experience than the others combined? Will it be Hannah, the free-spirited Texas girl who stands out in photos, but not in front of the judges? I mean, probably not on that one. Sorry, Hannah. Will it be Alexandria, the California surfer girl who is "frequently misunderstood" but recently "redeemed" herself? Or will it be Brittani, the intense brunette from a trailer park in Pennsylvania? I'm going with Brittani or Molly, but I'm nearly always wrong. Let's hope that Alexandria's quasi-redemption arc becomes more of a bell curve in the last few episodes.

Next week: a shoot on camel back! And Alexandria appears to revert back to her control freak ways on set.

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