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In just one week the Chelsey/Ann showdown will commence, and we will learn who has the chops to be the show's first faux-legit winner! If any of you have missed any of the fun along the way -- I know I sure haven't, because my job is to see the fun in a timely fashion -- tonight's for you. There's high fashion madcappery, and fourteen wannabe models who transformed into wannabe fashionistas. To give credit where credit is due, though, there were some big-time designers and photographers and Franca Sozzanis. Additionally, there were absurd runway challenges! There were tears! And tonight, we're going to relive it all, as well as some never before seen moments. So grab your bowl of coke -- it's the cycle 15 recap recap!

Tyra opens the episode by telling us that this was a cycle of firsts. As such, it was only fitting that this cast was the first to live at the beach -- Venice Beach, to be exact. And from the start, the girls were pretty stoked about their house. They walked on their built-in runway, gazed out from the giant front window, and played in their sandbox room. And then why don't we have bumpkin Kendal -- remember her? -- tell us her favorite part: "The shower in the shower. You pick up the showerhead, you get know. Bathe yourself." Is that a euphemism? After the girls were settled into their palace, it was time to lay down the house rules. A gaggle of girls including Kendal, Liz, Kayla, and the Tweedle Sisters confessionalize that rule number one is no double dipping. Cut to the queen of food issues, Anamaria, double dipping a fork into the salsa jar after she licked it. She claims that she wiped it. The replay shows that she did indeed wipe it...with her finger. Given the germs breeding in the throat down which her finger was previously, I don't think that's sanitary at all. Chris says that she loves salsa, and wants to eat salsa, but isn't going to touch it given the nastiness that has ensued. Oh, cut Anamaria a break -- that's all three meals for the day! Anamaria coughs into her fork-wiping hand for emphasis.

The girls really enjoyed the boardwalk in front of their house, and in some never-before-seen footage, Lexie visits a tarot card reader to see whether or not she'll come out on top. Lexie interviews that this is the time of times to check in with the spiritual realm about her chances of victory. The tarot card reader tells Lexie that there's going to be a woman involved who's very controlling and a little bit bossy. And who loves to eat ribs! To win, Lexie must get a few other people to help her, one of whom may wear a giant sequined cloak and the other of whom is a noted fashion photographer in quotes. Lexie tells us that the tarot lady said everything she read was positive, which just goes to show that you should put no truck in that sort of thing.

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