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Double Trouble
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Previously: Supermodel Marisa Miller gave the girls a lesson in bikini posing, and heavily promoted the Barbie Toe Philosophy. The girls had an underwater shoot that went swimmingly for Jennifer and Nicole, while Laura and Sundai struggled. And Erin struggled too, though Tyra doesn't tell us that. In the end, Sundai's barrage of excuses could not save her, and in fact contributed to her demise. Four bitches remain!

In other exciting news, I got an email from Erin's mom this week! Oh, yes. This is why recappers get hazard pay. I shall now reprint it for you in its entirety.

Subject: Your Unbelievable BIAS

Thought you might like to see what my status is today:
[Erin's Mom] is thankful she never has to read another UNJUST review on TV Without Pity by the douchebag that obviously can't review anything without letting their personal bias rule the page.

I understand you have a job to do, but maybe you could try in the future to realize that the people you are talking about are real people, not characters and they have real families and that all you see is 5 sec clips taken out of context mostly and spliced together for your enjoyment.

Thank You,
Erin's Mother

And, well, I really have just learned an important lesson about letting personal bias rule what you post on the Internet. Thank you, Erin's mom, for leading by example, and for passing along similarly important lessons to your charming daughter. And I'm really not a douchebag. It's the editing! Mostly. But hey... new Facebook friend!

And now back to our regularly scheduled recap.

It's the final four! The girls head back from judging in their limo. Laura seems thrilled, but happiness does not abound for everyone. Erin confessionalizes that she's still in the competition by the skin of her teeth and the graciousness of the panel. She's been in the bottom two for three weeks in a row, and knows that she has to have a kick-ass photo this week or she'll be gone. And speaking of Erin, Nicole interviews that she has a great look but does not have the mentality for the world of modeling. Her self esteem is too tied in with what other people think of her, which can be dangerous in the fashion world. Or when you appear on a reality show and let all of the Internets have at you. I'm just saying.

Meanwhile, Nicole can hardly comprehend that she has a spot in the top four. She tells us that she came into the competition being really awkward and unsure of herself. And she got over that through the joy of modeling. She feels like a completely different person. And sounds less stoned! Maybe Nicole's stash finally ran out and that's how she transformed from Bloody Eyeball to Miss Congeniality. She tells Jennifer that the longer she's in the competition, the more she wants it. Jennifer feels the same way. Nicole sees herself in the final two with Jennifer. I don't see that, but then again I've been known to have an unbelievable bias.

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