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Angelea is next, with her song "I'm Here." As she steps on set, Jay tells her that she can't overdo this. Does that mean that she shouldn't overdo it, or that she should? It's a bit confusing as a directive. Her song is about how she's been kicked down time again but she's standing here, ready to win. She ain't going nowhere! However, her crush Game finds her performance to be a bit lackluster. She has one more take, and he tells her to sell it. I guess she doesn't, because Game tells Jay that he might need some camera tricks to make it work. Oh, I'm sure when they cut to Tyra and Keenan it will all come together just perfectly. Jay tells us that Angelea's song resonated with him, but she really failed by not selling it with her face. When dead eyes strike! Speaking of eyes, Game has a little one-on-one with Allison, and asks what inspired her lyrics. She tells him about her dad passing away, and Game says that his grandmother passed after he graduated from high school. She was the only person who believed that he could be anything other than a bum. Game and Allison are totally connecting! It's kind of the greatest. Also, you may not be convinced quite yet, but he is in love with her like you don't even know. Trust. Game tells Allison that he wanted to give her a little inspiration, and let her know that he's rocking with her. Allison thinks it's sweet that Game attempted to make her feel comfortable.

We cut to Allison's video shoot, which has her on a swing amidst a backdrop full of vegetation. Her brand really has become "woodland creature." Jay wants Allison to look extra ghostly, and Game notes that her face is like a work of art. The song is pretty great, and Game loves everything that Allison does, which mostly involves swinging around and opening her eyes really wide and occasionally touching her hair. But that's all that Allison needs to do! It really is pretty crazy. Game teaches Allison a complicated handshake, and Allison feels proud and relieved. Angelea, however, feels like she's about to have a heart attack. She tells us that she worked her ass off in her video, and if her energy was low it was because she was tired. As she hopes all the work she put in shows in the video, we cut to commercials.

When we return, it's time for panel. There are prizes, there are judges. Game is the guest judge, and ALT is wearing his Music Man hat again, perhaps in tribute to the concept of music that has been so wronged throughout the episode. Dominique is up first for critique, and her song, "Tooch Ya Booty," is really just a big advertisement for Cover Girl products. She actually mentions her LashBlast eyes! She writhes around a bunch and looks pretty good, and then things cut to fucking Tyra Banks tooching her booty against Keenan. And so went the day that Keenan became a man. The song sounds fine but isn't really one of the melodic standouts. Tyra says that Dominique looks like a star, and can actually sing, but needs to exaggerate the words with her mouth more while still remaining pretty.

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