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And then, surprise! Back at the house, Lisa's fiancé Adam, also known as her honey bear, shows up. She calls him the love of her life, and then says that she may still be in a modeling competition, but in life she's already won. You know, I just realized that part of the rationale for choosing Lisa as the challenge winner is that she's local. They didn't even have to pay for that man's bus fare, probably. Lisa and Adam snuggle on the bed, and she tells us that she's hit rock bottom a whole bunch, but she's smarter now because of Adam. She then points out that they're opposites. While she's the loud, crazy, insane artistic one, Adam is organized and quiet. He's probably so quiet because he can't get a word in edgewise. Lisa says that each is the other's better half, and Adam continues to remain silent. Finally he says, "I just missed you so much," which is sweet. He totally loves her, neon bathing suit and all. The two head under the covers for some private sexy time, and thankfully we fade out.

The next day, the girls meet up with Jay in some sort of set/warehouse space. I would not put it past this show to just start setting up in abandoned buildings at this point. Jay tells them that he liked all the songs and that there wasn't a clunker in the bunch (Tom Polce! Hero to the auditory senses!). Today is the video shoot, which is all about selling the visual in the face and the performance in front of the camera. He reiterates that if their videos go viral it could be huge for their careers. Have you seen any of these going viral? Right. The girls head backstage for hair, makeup, and wardrobe and Allison tells us that though things have been rather difficult so far, she wants to finish up this challenge as gracefully as possible. Lisa, on the other hand, wants to look like she robbed the American Apparel clearance rack. I suppose that's her thing.

And then, Jay walks in with a very special guest. It's Game, the artist formerly known as THE Game. Angelea is so doused in instant hormones that she has to walk around in circles flapping her hands. Game is a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum superstar, and he'll be directing the videos. Dominique is up first, and Jay makes some Beyonce comparisons. Hold up now, people. Let's not get crazy. He wants Dominique to imitate Beyonce's stop/neck whip move. Dominique's got a little J. Lo in her styling too, and Game dubs her "J.Yonce." Game is funny from time to time, and also unexpectedly about to find love in a few minutes. SPOILER! But back to Dominique. She looks very pretty, but Game has to tell her to stop dropping so much. Dominique explains to us that what Game didn't know is that she was actually falling. Those are some impressive leg muscles she has that prevent her ass from hitting the ground. Well played, Dominique!

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