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Shannon's vacant eyes are a problem, even if her vacant head got a pass this time. ALT thinks that Lisa is amazing, but the most specific compliment he can really give her is, "This is a video." Game says that Lisa has pretty decent flow, and Tyra illustrates that the song is so catchy that it gives you nightmares. Everyone then takes a few minutes to talk about how Game and Allison are sitting in a tree. Game doesn't shy away from his new lovebird status, saying that Allison is special and that he's attracted to her (the latter is in response to a nosy Tyra question). He even wants to keep Allison's picture! Nigel says that Allison isn't relatable to everybody, but in her video she's more relatable to more people than he's ever seen. Tyra was touched by Allison's video, and not in a bad-touch way. With that, the judges have reached a decision.

Seven young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has six screen grabs in her hands. The first one, which represents the girl with the best music video, goes to Allison. Yay! D'Amato is PISSED. She's called next, though, followed by Dominique, Laura, and Shannon. This leaves Alexandria and Angelea in the bottom two. In Alexandria's music video, she was just a model. And for the all-star season, that's not enough. Then there's Angelea. This is her third time in the bottom two. The judges found her video to be uncomfortable to watch, because of how uncomfortable Angelea is with herself. Or so they claim. In any case, Angelea gets a photo and Alexandria is out! Despite my newfound appreciation for her genius, I think that's the right decision. Alexandria promises to get back up and go, go, go, and for some reason shakes her hair around a lot. She tells us that she's still proud of herself, and that being on the all-star season has allowed her to experience a lot of things, including weekly abject humiliation. Ultimately, she says that it was a good experience and she learned a lot. At least she'll have her singing career to fall back on!

Next week, the girls head to Greece where they wreck the economy! Meanwhile, Shannon is faced with the potentially life-altering decision of whether to pose in underwear. WWJD?

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