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Previously: The girls lived out a front-row fantasy when they had to walk down Rodeo Drive and smize for Patrick Demarchelier. Ann continued to smash Top Model records by scoring her fifth straight top photo win. Meanwhile, Kacey's fake personality was despised by her contemporaries but beloved by Walmart shoppers. Regardless, she couldn't take a picture and was eliminated. Eight bitches remain!

In the limo, it's all smiles as the girls celebrate Kacey's elimination. Kendal tells us that Kacey wasn't trustworthy, and so her ouster was cause for happiness. Kacey went around to hug all the girls, but Kendal only gave her a handshake. She's fine with that. Kendal tells us that she's a shy, quiet country girl, and is very happy and blessed to be there. However, she needs to turn up her performance if she wants to make it into the pages of Italian Vogue. Liz tells us that Ann has won best photo five weeks in a row, but when she has to show personality or even simply talk it's a different matter. Liz wants to stand out and be remembered, and knows she can do it.

Back at the house, a few the girls give some lip service to Ann's best-of-week digital art, but most ignore it. Esther tells us that she feels lucky to be in the competition, but also has to make sure that she's true to who she is and all she's learned throughout her life. In case you forgot, Esther is a modern orthodox Jew, and lives by the rules set forth in the Torah. For example, she's kosher and really has to watch it when she's, like, fixing her hamburger on the girls' cheesy grill. Chris is befuddled by Esther's attentiveness to her kosher lifestyle, and notes that the competition is stressful enough without having to worry about such dietary specifics. She's glad that she can eat a damn cheeseburger without having to think about it.

Tyra Mail! "Sometimes you have to perform a duet before you get your big solo. Love, Tyra." Kayla says that, whatever it is, she's planning on doing the best she can. She was in the bottom two last week, but this is only motivating her to do better. The girls head to the Grammy museum, where Liz and Kayla go gaga over the Michael Jackson tribute. Never before have they received chills when gazing upon a sequined glove. Jay Manuel meets them and introduces Neil Portnow, who is the president and CEO of The Recording Academy. Neil tells the girls that every year, about a half billion people around the world tune in to watch the Grammy awards, and they audition thousands of girls to be the bitches who hand out the trophies. And now one of our little model-ettes will get the chance to be a Grammy Girl as well! Chris fans herself with excitement and Liz looks like she just found the golden ticket. The girls will have to split into pairs and decide which look is appropriate to convince Neil to give them the job. This could be elegant, funky, rock n' roll or, more likely, something monstrous and horrible. The girls are paired according to how they're standing, which leaves unfortunate Chelsey to once again be paired with Ann. Chelsey is not psyched. Jay sends everyone off to style house Chic Little Devil to pick worthy ensembles. The catch is that the girls will be picking clothes for each other. Chelsey totally knows she's screwed. When the girls return in their complete looks, Jay will choose the winning team and Neil will choose the member of that team who will get to be the Grammy Girl.

The girls all talk to their partners about what kind of dresses they have in mind. Ann likes Victorian-style dresses with stuff on the back. What does that even mean? Chelsey says she loves black and strapless dresses. Esther tells her partner, Jane, that strapless is bad for her because of her giant boobs. Kendal tells her partner, Chris, that she would like something sexy but not too sexy. Chris agrees that they might not want to go full-on stripper. Liz tells Kayla that she wants something that's tight through the waist but super poofy at the bottom with a train. Kayla nods and agrees, but tells us that she has no intention of getting Liz a fucking wedding gown. She thinks that if she brings some punk rock into their ensembles, that they'll stand out amongst the other girls.

The first group of girls arrive at Chic Little Devil and get ten minutes to find ensembles for their partners, including shoes and accessories. Chelsey says that it's stressful to shop for a person who isn't there. It's also stressful to try to find a dress for someone as tall as Ann. Kayla has no qualms about forgetting Liz's ballgown dreams and getting her some sequined pants instead. She hopes that Liz can rock it. Group two comes in, and though Kendal thinks her dress for Chris is a bit short, she says that it's appropriate for the occasion. Jane worries about Esther's boobs fitting into anything, and has no point of comparison since she is herself rather boobless. Ann wanders around cluelessly, looking for something long and flowy for Chelsey. She finds one dress with layers and "floaty things," and takes it without much enthusiasm. That should work out well.

The pairs meet up and share their outfits. Kayla shows Liz the sequined pants, and Liz is not pleased. She says that she feels Kayla 100%, but she was livid inside. However, she's trying to contain her anger and pretend that it's not fazing her, because she wants to win the challenge. Chelsey looks at her dress and notes that it's a size 12. Chelsey herself is a size 2-4, which she told Ann previously. The dress also has a lot of loops and holes and wraps, and Chelsey can't even figure out how to put it on. She tells Ann that there's no body hole or way to get into the dress. Ann looks clueless, for a change. She monotones that she saw Chelsey get a bit teary eyed about it, because she was afraid that they would lose. As Ann says she hopes that Chelsey wasn't upset with her, Chelsey looks into the mirror and gives an upset sigh. Commercials.

When we return, the girls present themselves in front of Jay and Neil. Kayla and Liz are first. Kayla explains her style aesthetic, which is bringing their punky personalities to bear amidst the ball gowns and other fancy attire. Neil asks if the girls have seen the Grammys before, and Liz gushes that she still has vintage Grammy ceremonies on VHS tape. He then asks if Liz likes what Kayla chose for her. Liz explains that she didn't get what she initially wanted, but Kayla's chosen ensemble fits well, looks good, and still expresses her personal style. Overall, she's happy with it. Liz describes Kayla's look, which features her chosen color of silver and shows her gams. A spiky ring is featured. Jay asks if the two can handle being in front of half a billion people. Liz says that she'd take a week to meditate and prepare herself since this is a breathtaking opportunity.

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