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ALT lets Franca get back to work and meets with the girls outside to announce the winner. The prize for this one is a doozy -- a private viewing with ALT of The Last Supper. The winner will get to pick a friend to accompany her, and the two will get to spend the night in a deluxe Milan hotel. Jane reminds us again that she's a history major, and says that she really wants to see the painting. And the girl whose personality impressed Franca the most is...Chelsey. Chelsey is understandably excited, and chooses Kayla to share in her prize. Ann is frustrated once again by her inability to project herself. She tries to work on it, she says, but doesn't seem to get any better. She and Jane ride the bus back to their tiny apartment in silence.

Meanwhile, ALT puts an even more giant cloak over his cloak -- cloak layers are important when you're in the sweltering Italian summer -- and takes the girls to see some DaVinci. As they look at it, ALT asks the girls what they feel. Chelsey says that she's Catholic, and her family is very Catholic, so there's some resonance for her. She starts to cry, but I think it's more because she's ruminating on how awesome she is. In a tearful interview, Chelsey says that she's worked really hard and for a really long time to get there. That's totally an interview that was filmed after she loses in the finals. There's too much crestfallen misery for it to be anything else.

Back in the Milan apartment, Ann and Jane decide to have a party of their own featuring Chinese food and vodka. It actually looks like a lot of fun. They view in amazement a napkin upon which Ann has drawn an anime version of The Last Supper that's pretty great. Underneath it all, however, they are sad that they're not having a pimping, real art-seeing day in Milan. Chelsey and Kayla, meanwhile, check into a big-time luxury room. They look out of their window and discover that Gucci is right across the street. Somehow, their luxurious room still has two twin beds pushed together. A waiter brings the girls champagne and treats and announces that the place they're staying, which I think is called The Galleria, is the only seven-star hotel in Europe. Kayla yells out, "I've only ever heard of five!" She and Chelsey toast to themselves, and to hopefully being the top two.

Back at the apartment, there is Tyra Mail: "Movement creates energy. Tomorrow you'll be models on the move. Love, Tyra." Ann and Jane emote the hell out of that Tyra Mail as they read it aloud, and then high five. The next day, Ann and Jane pick up Chelsey and Kayla at their fly hotel, and the bragging commences. Jane seems unimpressed that they didn't even get massages, and then says, "You got really practical prizes." So jealous! Kayla points out that seeing The Last Supper isn't exactly practical. She and Chelsey give each other annoying looks, and Ann tells us that they're getting really competitive. It makes Ann uncomfortable, but at the same time she's like, "Bring it." It's my favorite Ann interview moment yet! So great. Ann then points out that she did get top photo five times in a row, and a silent "Bitches" lingers.

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