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Previously on ANTM: The girls learned that they were going to Morocco and squealing ensued. The excitement was short-lived as they set out on go-sees with no GPS. Some of the casting agents felt that Molly needed to be friendlier, and Nigel agreed even though her complaining during a shot in a trash heap seemed to be warranted. Brittani apologized for her ill-timed reaming of Alexandria, and sweet Jaclyn was sent home and denied a trip abroad. Five bitches remain!

With that, we are in Marrakech, Morocco! A camel poses in profile, and I'm sure that soon someone will tell him that he needs to prove his ability to give full-on face if he expects to last in the competition. The girls land, and Brittani is thrilled to have come all the way from a trailer park in Pennsylvania to an exotic locale. Alexandria tells us that she feels very positive, especially after getting best picture (and winning the go-see challenge) last week. She's moved ahead of the pack, after a difficult beginning in which she was "misunderstood." What the other girls don't know about her, Alexandria says, is that she can change. She's a chameleon, and even has a gecko at home. She adds, "He doesn't change colors, but I sure do." What the two have in common is their cold, cold blood, and love of reasonably-priced insurance.

The girls see a camel and Alexandria shrieks with excitement. Molly crankily tells her not to scream in her ear. She tells us that she was pissed to be in the bottom two last week. She didn't think she deserved to be there but apparently, she says, everyone thinks that she looks like she wants to kill everyone. It doesn't help that as she says this she looks exactly like she wants to kill someone. We flash back to Tyra telling Molly to fake it when she feels like crap. I think the problem is that Molly always feels like crap. Molly tells us that there are a few places where her anger comes from. She's had a lot of sadness and hurt in her life, and since she was adopted she thinks she has abandonment issues. That's why she's mad all the time. To add to the fury, Molly says that she's obviously going to have to act like a completely different person and be fake, a la Alexandria. She thinks it's bullshit, but I guess she's ready to do what she has to do. Hannah makes a cameltoe joke that makes Molly laugh, and her face cracks from the unusual pressure of smiling.

A guy with a monkey on his shoulder welcomes the cameraman to Marrakech as the girls walk through a giant marketplace. There's a whole bunch of people, and a guy with a cobra, and someone playing some sort of horn. Kasia says it's unbelievable that she has this opportunity, and tells us that she's going to work so much harder than anybody else because she has to as a plus-sized model. IMG doesn't even have a plus-sized division, but they do have something called "superstars," and Kasia hopes that's where she'll be. Brittani checks out the snake charmers with a high quantity of trepidation. She says that in her country hick town, if you see a snake you kill it, skin it, and eat it. And at the bar she works at, they hang the skin on the wall. Delicious snake nuggets. Barbeque sauce or honey mustard?

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