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Finale Part II: The Girl or Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model

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Boring is the New Black

So, then the runway show begins. Jourdan, Cory and Marvin all walk out on the runway as Jourdan gives us a synopsis of the Danger Love plot, because the average ANTM watcher's IQ is 16. Mine included! Marvin is happy that he gets to play the good guy, and tries to emote by placing his hands over his heart at the end of the runway. There is a brief interlude with some sort of Balinese performer, and then Laura heads down the runway. Tyra is impressed, and Kelly yells at her from the audience. Jeremy takes a pass on the runway and Tyra says that he looks amazing even though he doesn't. We see Jiana, who actually does look fantastic. And then there's Cory. He tells us that he knows he's a fierce, androgynous male mode. And he's going to be himself and rock it out. Oh, ha, and then there's Phil. He hasn't taken a shower since he got kicked off of the show, I think. Kanani walks and looks great, and then Tyra screams, "Ice cream man!" at Mike and you can tell that Kelly thinks he still walks like he's wearing a diaper.

After a quick glance at Nina, we see Marvin. He reminds us that he's a janitor's son turned into a model, and is happy to be exactly where he is. Well I guess so. Then Jourdan walks out on the runway, with her hands on her hips the whole time. She feels fierce, sexy, confident and all around good. Then her dress gets stuck underneath her shoe so she stumbles for a second, but it's not a major flub. She keeps going like a pro, and sort of hobbles when she finally gets backstage. Jourdan tells us that she has to win this competition, and doesn't have a plan B or the financial ability to start over again. Yeah, but is she a janitor's son? The answer is maybe. Marvin is heartened by the fact that Jourdan is freaking out over her stumble, and hopes that she has a complete mental breakdown and he wins by default.

The models are changed into their next outfits, and Marvin reflects even more on how happy he is about his Bronx to Bali journey. Jourdan is outfitted in what appears to be a dress made of metal, and tells us that she wants to be a role model and example that violence and abuse is not okay. And if you're in a situation like that you have to leave, which is what she did. You KNOW she thinks Danger Love is very, very profound.

So then there is what can only be described as a SCENE on the runway. Cory walks out, being photographed by Rob all the while. He's sassing it up, but then Marvin comes out shaking his head and looking mad. And then Jourdan comes out and stands between them. And say what you will about Jourdan - her legs look unbelievable in that metal dress. She explains to us that her character realizes that she's not happy with abusive, violent Cory. Well, that's a twist. She gets real empowered and pushes Cory down, because what better way to fight against violence than with violence? She then steals Rob's camera so she can take photos of Cory's humiliated face. And then she grabs Marvin and kisses him right on the lips. Marvin was not expecting this, but Jourdan says that she has too much invested in this competition to just kiss him on the cheek. Marvin thinks she did this to throw him off, but claims it didn't work.

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