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We are almost at the end of ANTM Cycle 20, which has become revolutionary for its "guys and girls approach." Last week, the much-hated Chris was sent home along with the less modely half of Marnee, and we're now down to the final three. The moment we've all been waiting for is here, says Tyra. Contrary to her beliefs, for me at least the moment that I am waiting for has absolutely no affiliation with "Booch Blue."

We then get a final three refresher. We have Marvin, of course, who came from humble beginnings in the Bronx but has proven himself as a consistent competitor with cheekbones that could cut a slice out of your heart and an expired condom in his pocket. Marvin tells us he's not going to let down his dad OR his seven brothers, all of whom are still in the Bronx, nor the rats they kept as pets in their apartment. Then there's Jourdan, whose classic beauty has morphed from "country girl" to high fashion siren. She has really been the one to beat from the outset, which is only part of the reason why she annoys the snot out of everyone. And then there's Cory, whose androgyny and chameleon-like talent has show that he can break down barriers in the business and fiercely deliver fierce with fierceness in every fierce shoot. Cory seems to have a strong sense of self, which is helpful since he's basically had to deal with judges and photographers calling him a woman week after week. Each of the three has a nonsensical signature color assigned to them, because still nobody is able to gently talk Tyra out of her bad ideas.

We begin with the contestants returning home to find Jourdan's bat-photo displayed as digital art. She tells us that she's won five best photos so far, and no matter what happens she's going to find a way to pursue her modeling passion. This includes working at a fast food restaurant if she has to. Or, more likely, Hooters. Instead of either of those options, I would suggest trying to get modeling jobs. Marvin and Cory high five to being the top two guys. Marvin tells us that if he wins, it will be a real rags to riches story, what with him being a janitor's son and all. I would put some serious quotes around "riches" too. Cory tells us that each of the finalists represents a very different side of the modeling industry. Jourdan is the classic beauty, Marvin is the youthful male (I think he actually means "dumb with muscles" here), and Cory is the androgynous male, for whom this show was made in the first place.

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