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With that, it's time for the critiques of this week's backstage photos. Alexandria is up first, wearing some kind of crazy hooker outfit. Her photo is really great -- it's a black and white profile of her leaning back while a makeup artist applies lip gloss. Nigel thinks her bone structure is phenomenal, and Erin loves the beautiful rawness. ALT thinks that Alexandria's profile is dramatic, and it makes her look good. Much better than she looks head-on, certainly. Tyra says that she remembers backstage at fashion shows there would be the models who just sort of slumped around, and then those who were constantly fierce like Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista. Those were the girls who ended up in the magazines and George Michael videos, and so Tyra followed suit.

Dalya is up next, and looks so pretty in her picture. She's also in profile, looking rather coltish. ALT says that her natural beauty comes out without her having to do anything. Tyra adds that there are ways to pretend like you're not aware of the camera when you are, like faux-stretching. Helpful hint! Nicole is next, and she was apparently discovered via Tyra's website. Tyra weirdly says that it kind of freaks her out sometimes. I don't know what that means. ALT says that the photo is dramatic, but he's not sure if it's making him feel like this is a backstage moment. Tyra tells Nicole that she looks young and fresh in person, but in film she looks fifteen years older. Ah, just what every girl wants to hear. Rat tail Sara is up next, and I actually think ALT's gag reflex is activated upon seeing her hair monstrosity. Sara's photo is so-so. Erin says that she could be exuding something sensual and sexy, but she hasn't figured out how to get there yet. Tyra says that Sara looks like a 19-year old boy with makeup on in her photo, and that's what she likes about it. Sara looks like she might not be 100% sure how to take that, or maybe her purple American Apparel tights are cutting off her circulation.

Next up is Ondrei. She sits and gets her hair done, and Nigel says it looks like she's clutching the arms of the electric chair. Tyra disagrees and says it looks like a nervous girl in her first Paris season. Nigel isn't convinced, and says he does see the nerves. Angelia is next. Erin notes that there's an aura of mystery to her photo, which could be good, but she's too covered up by her hair. But that's her best feature! Tyra doesn't see a model, but rather a pretty girl who all the boys want. She points out that, as a model, you don't really want the boys to want you -- you want the girls to want what you're wearing. Angelia giggles, perhaps unaware that the "pretty girl" box is not a good one to be in. Hannah is next, and her best shot is from the group take. She is standing out and popping amongst the crowd, Nigel says. ALT thinks she looks like a young Jennifer Aniston. I can see that, with maybe a dash of Portia de Rossi thrown in.

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