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The judges deliberate. Alexandria's photo is beautiful, and the light loves her. Erin says it's high-fashion, edgy, cool and raw, while ALT commends her for giving the glamour vibe. Erin thinks there's something about Dalya that reads strong and athletic, while Tyra loves her face and thinks she looks like a brand new girl with a big future ahead of her. Nicole isn't truly present in her photo, Nigel says. And then he compares her tight mouth to a cat anus. Even Tyra is like, "WTF?" and Nigel says he sees cat's bottom mouths all the time. ALT wonders if he should know when to fold 'em and not re-sign for another season. ALT thinks that Sara is quirky and that sometimes there's a need for a quirky model. Tyra says that Ondrei is a very sweet and approachable girl, and ALT agrees that she seems warm and friendly. Angelia has beautiful eyes like Jasmine in Aladdin, but Nigel says he'd never book her based on her photo. At least she doesn't have a mouth like a cat's anus. Erin thinks that Hannah might be able to turn into a sex kitten, while Nigel thinks she's pretty but doesn't read model.

Kasia's picture isn't doing it for ALT, but he'd like her to go forward and see her do something else. Tyra loves her cheekbones, and notes that she doesn't think she's seen a fiercely real girl with Eastern European looks. Nigel likes that Monique's eyes are telling so many stories, and says her photo is an ad campaign straight off. ALT thinks that Mikaela's shot is an Italian Vogue cover, while Erin likes the fact that she's quite small and petite. She is? In any case, Erin would like to see more of her personality. Tyra agrees that Mikaela's seeming meekness doesn't match the face. ALT doesn't think that Dominique's picture does much for her, but in person she shows some great beauty. Tyra says that Dominique needs an injection of fuel and energy in her soul, and if she sticks around a major makeover is planned. Jaclyn's photo isn't great for the story idea, but ALT thinks that there's something fabulous in the light in her eyes. Erin compares Jaclyn to drinking sweet tea on the front porch in Texas, which is exactly right. Molly's picture has everything going for her in the eyes, the hair, the neck, and the bone structure. Nigel says this is the reason why people call you back. Brittani's photo is frighteningly beautiful, according to ALT. Erin is a big fan, and says that her bone structure is soft but hits the light in all the right ways. With that, the judges have reached a decision.

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