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Next we have Kasia, who is the only fiercely real model this cycle. Also the only card-carrying AARP member among the group. Erin points out that Kasia has a very bubbly personality in person, and needs to let that come out more in her photos. Tyra thinks it's so important for a fiercely real or otherwise minority girl to be "better than" her bony competition, just to get the same thing. Kasia has a luscious body, and it's being wasted hiding behind a chair. Monique's photo is very good. She's getting her eye makeup done and just looks totally relaxed and cool. Erin loves it. ALT feels the excitement and anticipation through the photo. Mikaela is next, and ALT thinks she looks like the new star. He'd want to know who she is and what's her name if he saw the picture. Nigel says that Mikaela's eyebrows are amazing, and her jawline is incredible. Agreed, but what about the lazy droopy eye? Does no one notice?

Dominique is up next. Nigel says that her photo is not striking, and is not saying anything particularly interesting. She's kind of just there. Erin points out that Dominique took a spill at the fashion show, but was jovial and smiled through it all. She had personality in the hamster ball, but that personality could show through more in her photo. Next we have Jaclyn, who calls Tyra ma'am. Nigel thinks that her photo is very cinematic, and Tyra adds that it's stunning and luscious. It doesn't look like it's her first season. However, it was her only good shot. It's important for Jaclyn to pull up with the muscles in her face, otherwise those adorable chipmunk cheeks will drag her down. Tyra tells Jaclyn that she's capable of excellence before dismissing her. Molly is next. She's wearing a midriff-baring shirt, and ALT asks Tyra if she'd go to her first go-see with her tummy hanging out like that. Tyra replies that she wouldn't go to her last go-see like that. Molly is unfazed by their horror. Happily for her, her photo is great. Nigel says there's a lot of character and movement. ALT loves the chin, the neck, and the energy. Erin says that Molly was evoking a lot of intense stuff out of her eyes, and also shouldn't let all of this praise go to her head.

Finally, there is Brittani. She looks like a total crackhead goofball in dress and demeanor. ALT instructs her to retire the feather accessory in her hair forever, while the giant makeup brush on his hat bounces around in agreement. Brittani's photo is great. Nigel says it stands out and is very unique. The makeup artist is applying eyeliner inside the upper lid of Brittani's eye, which does make for a cool picture. Brittani looks calm and gorgeous and stunning, and Tyra says the photo is a work of art.

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