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Previously on ANTM: The girls had a challenge meet and greet with fans, and Alexandria gave a peck on the cheek to a creepy dude that Monique had sent her way. Miss J. did not approve of the kiss, because that's how stalkers are born. The girls got slathered in mud and posed for blonde and brunette group shots. Though Alexandria reverted to some of her controlling ways on set, it was mediocre Monique who was sent home. Seven bitches remain!

In the limo on the way home, some of the girls congratulate Brittani on her first ever best-of-week photo. She's quite happy to move up from the ranks of runner-up. However, she was also shocked that Alexandria wasn't in the bottom two. There are no words, Brittani says, for how much she dislikes this girl. Unfortunately for both of them, there actually are adequate words and Brittani will opt to use them at exactly the wrong time. Brittani adds that Alexandria is completely rude and disrespectful, and it's only a matter of time before panel sees her true colors shining through. The problem is that they've already seen those colors, in bright neon, and are totally keeping her around just for the fun of it.

Mikaela says that she was not expecting to be in the bottom two with Monique. Interesting, because I think the rest of us have been expecting it for some time. Mikaela is tired of doing her best and then showing up to panel and seeing a crunk photo displayed. You do have to wonder sometimes about the photo selection process. Mikaela interviews that she's pissed off. She's been modeling since she was fifteen years old, and thus has had a lot more experience than many of the girls. You'd think if that was the case that she'd know how to keep her eyes open on camera once in a while.

The girls return home and admire Brittani's photo as digital art for ten seconds before noticing a big stack of red bags waiting for them. Each bag has a symbol on it, and inside are several items of clothing from Warriors in Pink, powered by Ford. Molly explains that proceeds from Warriors in Pink clothing go to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure for breast cancer awareness. Brittani says that she has two close friends who have fought breast cancer. She's excited to be doing something for a cause.

Feelings of goodwill, however, do not last long in the model abode. Molly and Brittani have a snack, and Molly says that she doesn't even want to go in the next room and have to look at Alexandria's face. She tells us that Alexandria is definitely on her list of most annoying bitches ever. We get a montage of Alexandria being annoying while instructing others in runway technique, talking about raw chicken, freaking out about her lip zit on a photo shoot, accusing others of towel thievery, and referring to herself as "the talent." Everything that Alexandria does drives Molly nuts, and she says that once Alexandria goes home everything will be fine. That interview is taken from when Molly still had her whack weave, but a shot of the girls sitting around the table in their house assures us that the ill feelings have not dissipated.

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