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Previously on America's Next Top Model: the girls headed to Morocco, which is "so not America." To wit: there were snakes and camels and shit. Alexandria was very contrived in her photo shoot and annoyed the piss out of the photographer. But it was Kasia who picked a bad time to get self-conscious about her body and so was sent home. Four bitches remain!

The girls return to their Marrakech apartment and see Molly's best-of-week photo displayed as digital art. Molly is pleased that she looks like she's got a donk, of the badonk variety. The camel hump will do that. Molly tells us that she really thinks she'll get to the top two. It sounds arrogant, but I think she's probably right. Brittani, meanwhile, says that she's had to keep raising the bar, which is good because it means she's done more than she expected. Alexandria was in the bottom two again, of course, and says that she's very nervous. We flash back to Tyra telling her that the judges aren't sure if they can trust her demeanor on set. It's like déjà vu, especially given that she's still wearing that stupid hat for her interviews. Alexandria is disappointed in herself, but also happy to have a second chance. She says that she needs to prove herself. Hannah, meanwhile, knows that she can beat this competition. I think she means "the" competition, but I also like the determination to actually triumph over the experience of being on this show. I imagine it's not as easy as it sounds.

As always, Hannah is on a mission to convince us that she has a personality. She then says that each girl "stands" for something different. Alexandria asks her to explain, and Hannah tells her that she's the California surfer girl who's got some spice. Alexandria says that she stands for a lot more, and Hannah's all like, "Oh yeah, your backstory." Alexandria gets all serious as she says that she has her reasons for this, and wants to change the world with it. Okay, everybody just calm down here. Unless Alexandria is going to reveal on the show that she killed Osama bin Laden, I think that she needs to choose more attainable goals. Hannah then tells Brittani that she never thought she'd meet a girl from a trailer park. Okay, Hannah needs to quit while she's only drunk enough to be modestly offensive. She says that Brittani breaks boundaries given where she comes from. I mean, it doesn't seem like her parents are cousins or anything. And some of those double-wides are really nice. Hannah turns to Molly, and says that what she stands for is being scary. That's pretty accurate, actually. We get the clip again about Molly talking about how her anger comes from abandonment issues related to her adoption. And what does Hannah stand for, you may wonder? She's the girl next door who will also cut you. With her personality!

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