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Previously: The annual Walmart couture challenge brought out the beast in Erin, whose competitive nature involves a fair amount of aggression. Ashley did not appreciate it and made Erin cry in the limo, which I thought was a disappointment since if you make the executive decision to be a bitch while running amok through a Walmart, you just have to own it. Tyra photographed the girls, and Bianca's inability to give soft face in her beauty shot finally got her sent home. Nine bitches remain!

The girls ride in their giant limo, and Laura says that panel wipes her out physically and emotionally. Ashley agrees, and tells us that the bottom two is a horrible place to be. She feels pretty stupid about Tyra calling her the most difficult girl to work with, especially since she was plucked fully formed from Tyra's talk show audience. We cut to the house, where Nicole is recapping her panel experience with the others. Apparently, though we did not see it, Nigel told Nicole that she talks like a stoner! Ha! The others then tell her that she actually does talk like a stoner! Stuff that in your bloody eyeball and smoke it. We flash to Nigel imparting this bit of criticism upon Nicole, and his stoner impression involves severely squinted eyes. I'm surprised he's not eating Fritos by the handful to underscore his point. Nicole confessionalizes that she can't change the inflection in her voice -- that's just the way she talks. Perhaps she's never heard of one Eliza Doolittle, who learned just in the nick of time that rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Nicole says she needs to figure it out. Probably the easiest method would be to stop taking her meds, but frankly I'm not sure that's such a good idea.

Meanwhile, Kara and Jennifer are curled up on the couch talking. Kara says, "So let's say Nicole or Erin end up winning. And then I'm always gonna be associated with them." She doesn't want to be known as the mannish-looking sheep castrator "from Nicole's season." Kara interviews that she's not a big fan of Nicole, and tries to avoid her as much as possible. She continues that Nicole is awkward and slow and makes a fool out of herself with every fifth word that comes out of her mouth. Jennifer says that Nicole might make it far but there's no way she's going to win, and Kara only replies that she doesn't want to hear Nicole talk any more than she has to. Frankly, I'd rather not see Kara's face any more than I have to, but we don't always have control over these things, do we?

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