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Laura and Angelea are next. ALT loves the energy in the shot and Angelea's open mouth, even though her eyes are closed. Nigel also loves Angelea's expression, and says that she's screaming but still looks really beautiful. Tyra similes that she's like the beautiful Bride of Frankenstein. Coco notes that Angelea had a bit of a moment on set, but was able to turn around and get things done even though she was so upset. As a model, that was a really professional move. Tyra tells Laura that she has amazing energy, but her body movements aren't so modelesque. In all fairness, she was being thrown down on the floor.

Next up are Alexandria and Bre. Despite being terrified throughout this shoot, Coco looks amazing. Again! Tyra tells Alexandria that although she usually looks high fashion in her photos, in this particular one she looks like a reality show contestant that got to do a photo shoot with a supermodel. That's exactly what she is, motherfuckers! Is Tyra now demonstrating the concept of sarcasm? Nigel tells Alexandria that, although she's having fun with the shoot, it looks like it's from a different story. He also thinks that she looks toothless. That can't be good. ALT actually likes Alexandria in the photo, but thinks that Bre looks like a socialite who can't even convince him that this is a real fight. Coco notes that Bre was screaming to a terrifying level, and was so wrapped up in getting the emotion out that it became a bit too much. Nigel says that Bre looks slapstick rather than high fashion, which is a result of being too over the top.

Finally, we have Dominique and Lisa. Lisa is wearing really stupid sunglasses, in keeping with her signature look of always wearing something really stupid. Dominique, however, looks fly. She also looks wonderful in the photo. Nigel says that she looks really strong, really powerful, and is the star of this picture. Tyra adds some sort of crime drama witness narrative to the photo, and ALT thinks that it could be a still from a Quentin Tarantino movie entitled, Kill Bill Twell-Vuh. Tyra asks Coco how she felt about Lisa pulling her crotch, and, like most people who are the victim of Lisa's crotch-pulls, Coco didn't even know it was happening. She does confirm that both girls were posing like champs and working really hard. Nigel notes that Lisa looks great, but has a tendency to have her mouth open in every photograph. She's either catching flies or dicks with that thing.

The judges deliberate. Angelea is dynamic, and Tyra loves feeling every minute of her pain. Coco thought that Sister Angelea of the Meltdown was going home, but was amazed at how she pulled it together. Laura doesn't come off as a model in the photograph, but rather a stunt extra. For Nigel, Shannon doesn't work in her shot -- he's not drawn to her and doesn't believe her. Tyra says that she's technically good, but not fashionably amazing. ALT notes that it's all about Bianca, who's like a predatorial praying mantis. I think "predatorial" is a great term for a shot that's high fashion but extremely aggressive. This whole thing gives several panel members the opportunity to roar like a lion. ALT loves Kayla and Allison's photo, and feels the tension. However, Nigel is not blown away by Kayla and thinks she looks stiff. He does think that Allison looks extraordinary. Tyra points out that it's very hard for the girls to be in a photo with Coco, and still stand out and look professional, but Allison held her own. Coco agrees that Allison looks amazing.

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