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Lisa tells us that in terms of confidence level, she's usually at a nine or ten. However, being in the bottom two for two weeks in a row signals that she needs to accelerate. She's paired with Dominique, who's looking especially lovely. Their posing seems to go quite well, and Jay tells us that Lisa, Dominique and Coco were the perfect trio. And no one's even shouting! See, this shit can be done quietly and well. And that's a wrap!

Back at the house, there is Tyra Mail of Doom. Type D mail. Someone is going home. The ladies hang out in the hot tub and debrief, and Bre tells us that she and Alexandria brought a whole lot of energy to the photo shoot today. So much that they scared Coco! She adds that you never know which photo the judges will choose (e.g. one in which you look like shit, even though there were better ones available), but she put 100% in and can't give more than she has. Alexandria is feeling good, and announces that she's still in it to win it. With these ominous words, we head to commercials.

When we return, it's panel time. Tyra is once again rocking her menswear with suspenders. What's up with her wig this season, though? It's so limp and sad. There are prizes, there are judges. Coco is the guest judge, wearing multilayered doilies. Tyra proves her penchant for alliteration by noting that this week the girls were "fashion fighting on a football field." Simile is also a big literary concept used in this show, as in, "You look like an amputee." English teachers of the world, I hope you're capitalizing on such things. Kayla and Allison are up first for evaluation, and ALT says that their photo is cinematic, and he feels like it's a great fight. Coco of course looks awesome, and Tyra says that she is reminiscent of a matador. Kayla has a pretty yet fearful look on her face, and the color of her dress really suits her well. Nigel says that the three ladies looked like they were in incredible symmetry. Coco points out that Allison had no idea what was going on, and she wasn't expecting her to get such a great picture. See, what Kayla said about her just standing there and opening her eyes and getting a fabulous shot is totally true! I can see how that would be infuriating to others.

Shannon and Bianca are next, and once again Coco steals the show in their photos. They should never allow a real model to pose with the ladies, it just makes this whole thing even sadder. Nigel tells Bianca that she looks exquisite, and Tyra adds that she's giving ugly-pretty. Coco is the master of ugly pretty, as she can look demonic and also perfect. I wish I had that skill. Shannon's photo is also good, and Tyra tells her that if she'd just turned her face a little more to the camera she wouldn't have been upstaged. ALT agrees that everyone looks incredible, but that Shannon's legs look weak even though her face is strong. But pretty good job all around on this one.

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