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When we return, Jay Manuel approaches the crying Angelea and asks what's going on. She says that she feels like she's fighting and trying, but whatever she does isn't good enough. Crisis of confidence! Jay Manuel is much better in these situations than in crises of overconfidence, such as those had by Bianca. Jay explains that in the modeling world and in life, people struggle with their own sense of self and whether they are worthy enough. And you know, Angelea once slept in a bus station, so there's that. Now, Jay says, she looks the part, and if this is something she wants, she can have it. I don't know if I'd go quiiiiite that far, but she's really a splendid person and natural entertainer and I kind of wish she had her own non-modeling show. Angelea interviews that being tall, skinny and awkward looking is not an advantage when you grow up in the hood, and when you're around so much negativity, you start to think negative. Jay's positive words made Angelea think that maybe she is beautiful. She gets her makeup touched up, then heads back on set. Douglas tells us that he was worried about what would happen when Angelea came back, but she was awesome. Douglas then tells Laura to try screaming when she's falling, so we are treated to yet more shrieks.

Alexandria and Bre are next, and Alexandria tells us how important it is for her to get number one or two photo this week. I hoped, in vain, that this meant she was a goner. Sigh. Bre and Alexandria make a pact to be loudest of the day, which sadly proves to be true. Bre, who is outfitted in the most hideous dress, tells us that this is the time when the judges nitpick, and she wants to prove that she's really trying. Bre screams like someone who's being chased by zombies in pose after pose, until Coco finally stops for a minute and says, "You're freaking me out!" Coco tells us that Bre was crazy, and she's never worked with someone like that, even in her professional career. I love how she distinguishes this gig from her professional career. Keeping it real with Coco! She adds that people have to remember that it's a photo shoot and not a real fight. Also not boding well for Bre is the fact that when she screams so loud her face does not look pretty. Coco is completely thrown off and says she didn't know how to pose anymore, and it was shocking. Meanwhile, Alexandria is on the floor whining dramatically. Her dress is really pretty, though.

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