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In hair and makeup, hairstylist tells Kayla that the look for today is a modern take on the late '70s. Bianca and Shannon are paired up, which makes Shannon nervous given all the drama and Crying Christian accusations of last week. But she has a healthy attitude about it, which is basically: "Fuck Bianca, y'all, I'm here to win it," minus the swears. Jay asks the pair if they have any beef they can use to make the shot more authentic, then calls them out on their fake smiles when they answer in the negative. The shoot starts, and of course Coco looks amazing straightaway. Douglas encourages Shannon and Bianca to make some noise as they're posing. Shannon is amazing, but Jay has to remind Bianca to scream while maintaining a pretty face. Coco gives us her thoughts, and basically deems Shannon and Bianca proficient. They did what they were supposed to do, and a photo will come of it. Bianca tells us that she and Shannon did have a beef in the past, but they worked it out. She might want to tell Shannon about that. Their shoot ends with Bianca falling on the floor, yet still managing to look gorgeous.

Allison and Kayla are paired next, and Kayla is not thrilled. This is because Allison is so effortlessly good. A few moments into their shoot, Allison is panting and Jay tells her not to throw her head all the way back. I assume she's becoming a too-much-neck monster. Coco is amazing again, obviously, and when Allison falls on the floor Douglas laughs but Jay does not. Jay tells us that Allison's shoot was embarrassing to watch. Coco looked like a professional, with two amateurs dangling off of her arms. Allison is completely and adorably lost. Douglas gives Coco a bottle to break, and the smashing sound shocks Kayla into her best picture yet. She's shocked that she wound up outshining one of her biggest competitors.

Coco visits the girls backstage, and Angelea asks if she has any tips for working on her angles. Coco tells her to move around, and then does this magic two-second face posing thing that blows Angelea's mind. Angelea is more scared than ever, but knows that she needs to show people that she's a pro now, too. She's paired with Laura, and Jay tells the girls that Angelea will be sort of crawling up Coco's leg. In the midst of this, he notes that Angelea is low-energy, and tells her to pick it up. Their shoot involves Coco pushing Laura onto a big bouncy mattress thingy, which must be fun. Laura is thrilled to get the opportunity to watch Coco work. Angelea, however, is not thrilled about anything. She tells us that she's overwhelmed to begin with, and as a bonus is quite intimidated by the professional lady on set who can do 75 poses in a minute. Her energy continues to lag, and Jay tells her that she looks half asleep. Douglas tells Mr. Jay that Angelea is a pretty girl, but "there's nothing." Jay replies that, depending on the day, you can sometimes get something. As Angelea starts crying and walks off set, we head to commercials.

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