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And then before you know it, we're with Kayla on her shoot. ALT is there, wearing an upside down salad bowl on his head. Of course. I think he's actually going for a Japanese theme, as he's wearing a sort of garbage-bag-wizard-cloak kimono. It's a lot of look. I like to think that having to shill for is what made ALT quit this show. ALT explains that Tyra created as a place where she gives individualized tips on beauty and fashion. The site is SO important to her that she couldn't even be bothered to show up for Kayla's shoot, except via a little "Tyra Cam" that was obviously filmed after the fact and is insufferable. ALT says that one of the great inspirations for Tyra's site is the word "fierce." He asks Kayla, "What's your F?" He does not want to ask that question of me. Kayla's of course is "free," because she's still taking that branding thing seriously. ALT can't even believe that and totally shuts her up with a dismissive, "Yes yes yes," as she tries to explain how she believes that women should be free to explore every side of themselves. Sapphic sides especially! Kayla gets all done up and poses and screeches a lot. She gets a good, leg-kicking shot representing freedom and we're out.

Back at the house, there is more Tyra Mail: "Get ready to claw your way to the top. Fierce and love, Tyra." Alexandria thinks that it has something to do with animals, and also wants to get best photo for once. How is she still here? I wonder every week. Angelea tells us that this cycle is very intense, and that she's actually surprised at how seriously she's taking it. The girls wind up at a club of some sort, where Jay Manuel awaits them. He tells them that this week for their shoot they're going to have a good old fashioned bitch fight. In an interview, Bre seems particularly primed for a bar fight. She's skinny but scrappy. Jay continues that there are some major campaigns out there right now that feature models fighting or showing aggression, that are also very dynamic. That's what the girls will be going for today. They'll be posing alongside of and compared to a bona fide modeling superstar working today -- Miss Coco Rocha. And seriously, just Google her if you haven't already. This bitch knows what she's doing. She emerges looking Type FU fierce and glamorous and just the slightest bit alienesque. Angelea tells us that she's a bit intimidated, given Coco's talent and credentials and salary scale. To top it all off, the girls will be posing in pairs with Coco. Jay asks Coco, who apparently has a side job teaching posing, if she has any tips for the ladies. She tells them that her secret has always been mouthing the vowels to relax the face, then breathing. The photographer for the day is Douglas Friedman.

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