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Nigel doesn't have a lot to say about Bre, other than she wasn't giving much variety and, despite all the screaming, it was boring. Coco adds that it wasn't even a regular scream, but that Bre was screaming shit like, "I'll save you!" and "Police!" ALT seems quite amused by the dreckitude of this. Tyra says that you can call police all you want if you look pretty while doing it. Alexandria looks old in her picture, as always. Her body position is quite nice, but Nigel would crop her head out. Ouch. ALT agrees that this would take the picture to the next level. Lisa and Dominique knew what they were doing, and got Coco really excited. Nigel points out that Lisa is a natural with fighting, and got right in the moment. Coco is impressed with Lisa's ability to hold up her own body, which I guess a lot of models are unable or too lazy to do. That is...just, wow. Dominique looks fabulous, and Nigel says that she's a rising star in the competition. Coco's back was to Dominique throughout, but she could feel that there was a lot of movement. And with that, the judges have reached a decision.

When the girls return, Tyra continues to spread literacy throughout the world by pointing out the literal and figurative fights that were taking place in the photo shoot. She doesn't do the "ten girls, nine photos" shtick, but I think we can safely assume that Coco Rocha is not anywhere near as benevolent as Queen LaToya. The best photo of the week goes to... Dominique! Oh, good for her. In my book, she's a winner strictly for not seeming demented. Second photo goes to Lisa, followed by Bianca, Angelea, Allison, Kayla, Shannon, and Laura. This leaves Bre and Alexandria in the bottom two. Tyra says that they're both beautiful, and also two of the most popular girls from cycles past. Alexandria? Does Tyra even watch this show ever? Bre is a girl who has grown more beautiful as she's aged, but she seemed guarded. However, on the photo shoot this week she was unguarded. But it's not just about the performance on set -- it's about what's captured on film. And then there's Alexandria, who went really far in her own cycle due to her strong photos. But from week to week in this cycle, she's losing her competitive edge and her photos are getting soft. Both ladies only possess a smidgen -- and yes, Tyra actually just used the word "smidgen" -- of the power that they had in their original cycles. So who stays? Fucking Alexandria. I KNOW.

Bre gives Alexandria a hug, and then with a quick acknowledgement to her fellow contestants, she just high tails it out of there before Tyra can patronize her further. Tyra doesn't mention it, but you know she's burning up inside. Well, burning up to the extent that she gives two shits about this show anymore, which is debatable. But really, one point for dignity. Bre tells us that she's proud of herself for wanting to finish what she started so many years ago. She feels like she gave 100% every day, and whether the judges saw that or not is out of her hands. But Bre can leave knowing that she wasn't trying to be someone else just to be liked, and she gave the best of herself. With that, Bre's photo disappears from the ending group shot, and Bianca is left without a bodyguard.

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