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We enter a little bit differently this week, with the girls hanging out backstage after panel. Angelea complains that none of the judges liked her photo, and then we are reminded that Saint LaToya showered the contestants with benevolence last week, and no one was sent home. LaToya told Angelea to try harder, and that's what she intends to do. She should really try harder with the concealer -- girl's skin is looking rough these days. Bianca, meanwhile, is still on a tear. She says that she wants to be in the competition, and deserves to be there, and thinks that she's a winner. You will not be surprised when I tell you that no one gives a shit, still. Lisa rolls her eyes, and then tells us that Bianca brought both the house drama and her insecurities to panel last week. We get a sepia-toned flashback of Bianca characterizing herself as a six-foot, 120-pound personality who is real competition to the other girls. Lisa, however, characterizes Bianca as a spoiled brat who complains and bitches if she doesn't get her way. To which I say, stop! You're both right!

Bianca reiterates that she's big competition, and Lisa tells her that she's delusional. Bear in mind that Lisa is the one whose fashion inspiration seems to be "Whore Ernestine meets Rosie the Riveter." Lisa tells Bianca that she bullies everyone, yet thinks she's the victim. Bianca is done talking to Lisa, and points out that they'll never be friends. Lisa seems pretty much okay with that. As Bianca says that she's locked, loaded and ready for war, and one little thing can make a big eruption, we head to credits.

When the girls return home, Laura's strange Michael Jackson photo is being displayed as digital art. Laura explains that this is the best photo in which to get best photo, because you're honoring Michael Jackson. Bianca honors Michael Jackson in life, because of how she constantly wants to be starting something. Bre tells us what we already know, which is that, due to pressure in the house, a lot of personalities are clashing. We flash back to Bre playing Bianca's bodyguard and asserting the lie that everybody was good. She tells us that she's always there for her sister Bianca, but at the same time Bianca is a grown-ass woman who can fight her own battles. Bre, as it turns out, has her own battles to fight with the panel. She tells Bianca and Kayla that, no matter what her critique is, she's always called in the bottom three or four. Focusing too much on others (e.g., Bianca) is putting her own self in jeopardy, and so for the time being Bre is focusing on Bre.

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