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Alexandra had been feeling low before she left New York, but something about New Zealand agreed with her. She came alive in front of the camera and at the penthouse, and apparently enjoyed doing impressions of the other girls. Alex does an Angelea impression complete with weave pat and exclamation of, "I am from Buffalo, bitches!" That is, in fact, pretty accurate. Alex then does impressions of Jessica fleeing from the taco shell that she set aflame, as well as one of Anslee doing a booty bump. She should do an impression of herself getting clocked by a giant swinging pendulum, while she's at it.

Tyra got behind the camera at the next photo shoot, which used shadows and light. First, however, the ladies got the clay-hair treatment. And then, in voiceover, Tyra actually says the word "girls-es." As in, "The girls-es challenge was to pierce through those shadows with fierce, strong eyes." She pauses for a minute after she says it, because she totally knows, and then keeps going. Alex impresses Tyra by finding her light and selling a secret with her eyes, while Jessica couldn't bring the necessary intensity to her face. She didn't know how to be ugly, which I guess is a bad thing. What we didn't see was Alexandra jumping in the lake to get rid of her muddy hair. The lake is pretty muddy, too, but that doesn't seem to bother her. Also, she pees in the water. As you do. Jessica got the boot, and only four bitches remained!

If we missed Cycle 14, Tyra tells us, we missed Angelea -- one of the show's most memorable models to date. Fortunately, Angelea is ready and willing to tell us all about her favorite subject -- Angelea. This includes the phrase, "Holla holla 716!" She also demonstrates her patented, "Bitch, please," look, and describes herself as classy-ghetto. Brenda tells us that Angelea's personality is horrid. And yet so amusing! And she has that cat claw move that just keeps on giving. When famed fashion insider and judge Andre Leon Talley visited the girls at their penthouse, Angelea kept it real when she introduced him to her favorite cocktail -- cognac. ALT is horrified and just says, "It's very strong... dear!" He puts it on the table and sips no more. This from a man who lived at the YMCA!

The next photo shoot was harrowing, both because the girls had to strike the right balance between pretty and ugly, and because they learned that two of them would be eliminated. Raina, who often relied on her beautiful face, pushed out of her comfort zone and delivered flawlessly on the creative. Alexandra, however, couldn't find her ugly edge. It wasn't what Jay was looking for. Angelea seemed to forget how to model altogether and was, as Jay said, "A lot blank." The judges had their work cut out for them at the next elimination, because they liked all four girls. However, it was Angelea and Alexandra who got the boot despite their growth and strong potential.

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